What do you know about the interpretation of my friend dreaming that I was pregnant according to Ibn Sirin?

Dreams of Ibn Sirin
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My girlfriend dreamed that I was pregnant

In Ibn Sirin’s interpretations, a dream about seeing a pregnant woman indicates the presence of sorrows and problems. If the pregnant woman in the dream is unknown to the dreamer, this may mean that there is someone who has hostility or hatred towards her. If the woman is well-known, this often indicates cunning and cunning in her personality. Seeing a pregnant relative in a dream may also indicate upcoming disagreements with relatives.

Dreaming about seeing an elderly woman pregnant could symbolize falling into a big problem or strife, while dreaming about seeing a pregnant baby girl represents worries that may stem from the influence of others.

On the other hand, dreaming of seeing another person pregnant with a boy could express hostility or competition, and if you see a well-known woman pregnant with a girl, this may reflect happiness and joy. In addition, seeing a woman carrying twins in a dream indicates blessing and great goodness.


Interpretation of a dream about abortion

In a dream, seeing a miscarriage may indicate great personal challenges and emotional crises that the individual is going through, and a miscarriage accompanied by blood may express moral problems or corruption in behavior. If signs of bleeding appear in a dream after a miscarriage, this may indicate great temptations and problems that cause sadness and distress.

If the dreamer sees a woman losing her fetus in his dream, this may reflect the presence of harmful intentions or attempts to harm others. Seeing a woman having a miscarriage and suffering from bleeding during it shows that the dreamer or others are involved in gossip against individuals.

On the other hand, seeing a live fetus dropping in a dream can express taking advantage of the misfortunes of others, while seeing a dead fetus dropping indicates a lack of gratitude for the blessings one has.

As for aborting a male child in a dream, this may indicate facing a serious illness, while seeing a female child aborted could be a reflection of the financial and life difficulties that the dreamer is suffering from.

Interpretation of seeing my girlfriend pregnant in a dream according to Imam Ibn Sirin

If you dream that your single friend is pregnant, this may indicate that she will face some problems and difficulties. However, if the friend is married and appears pregnant in the dream, this expresses the disappearance of the crises and challenges she faces, in addition to the possibility of her obtaining financial gains.

Dreaming about a pregnant friend can generally mean receiving good news, overcoming adversity, and getting rid of sadness and pain. If a girl sees that her married friend is pregnant, this is interpreted as a symbol of relief and freedom from distress and worries.
If a woman sees herself pregnant in a dream, this is a vision that reflects her strength and determination to face obstacles with courage and determination.

Interpretation of seeing my friend pregnant in a dream for a married woman

If a married woman dreams that her married friend is pregnant, this indicates that she will soon hear happy news. If the friend in the dream is pregnant for the first time, this means that the woman may expect pregnancy as well, in addition to this dream heralding blessings and abundant livelihood.

If the friend was sterile and appeared pregnant in the dream, this indicates the possibility of facing marital problems that may lead to separation or divorce. If a married woman sees in her dream that her friend is pregnant and knows the sex of the fetus and is going through pregnancy difficulties, this is an indication of her ability to overcome difficulties and end problems and conflicts.

I saw in a dream that my friend was pregnant and married

When a person sees in his dream that his girlfriend is pregnant and she is not married yet, this may indicate that she is facing difficulties and crises in her life. This dream may also express her future relationship with a partner who does not suit her or brings her problems.

On the other hand, if the friend mentioned in the dream is actually married, then this vision may herald the disappearance of worries and troubles from her life, and the entry into a phase filled with joy and happiness.

Seeing a pregnant friend in a dream can also mean that she will face new hardships and challenges in the future. In addition, if the dreamer is a woman, this vision may carry indications of her efforts and pursuit of achieving her goals and her determination to succeed and excel in her life.

Interpretation of seeing a pregnancy in a dream by Ibn Sirin and Al-Nabulsi

Both Ibn Sirin and Al-Nabulsi state that pregnancy in a woman’s dream indicates an increase in wealth and abundance of livelihood, and is also an indication of good news of children. For men, seeing pregnancy in a dream may mean facing various difficulties and challenges in life.

Ibn Sirin offers an additional interpretation, according to which pregnancy in a single man symbolizes his future union with a woman of good character and religion. As for a married man who sees in his dream that his wife is pregnant, this is considered a good omen and a sign of the arrival of happy news related to her imminent pregnancy. For an infertile woman, a dream about pregnancy carries with it a bad omen, as it is an indication of facing financial difficulties and personal disagreements.

If a married man sees his wife pregnant in a dream, this is interpreted as a good omen that predicts increased livelihood and improved condition.

Interpretation of seeing a pregnancy in a dream without a belly

If a person sees in his dream that a woman is pregnant but her belly is not visible, then this vision carries omens of happiness, joy, and abundant livelihood. Whoever dreams that he is with a pregnant woman whom he knows, but without any traces of pregnancy on her appearance, this foretells that he will benefit from the goodness and pleasures that come from this woman. Seeing an unknown woman in the same condition is an indication of receiving unexpected joyful news.

When a person sees that his mother is pregnant but without an increase in the size of the abdomen, this reflects the ease and flow of the circumstances surrounding him. In another situation, if a person dreams that his wife is pregnant without her belly showing this, then this is an indication of financial prosperity and living in prosperity and comfort.

Seeing pregnancy in a dream and my belly is big

If pregnancy appears in dreams and the abdomen is eye-catching in size, this often indicates that the dreamer is going through circumstances full of stress and trouble. Feeling the weight of the abdomen and its prominence greatly in a dream may reflect the presence of great burdens weighing on the dreamer. While this appearance in the first months of pregnancy can symbolize the person’s engagement in a new task that requires effort and long patience. However, if the woman is in her last months of pregnancy in the dream, this may indicate the nearness of relief and improvement of conditions.

If a pregnant woman appears in a dream as if her stomach is making sounds like cows, this can be interpreted as meaning that the dreamer may interfere in what does not concern him. If this embodiment of pregnancy is accompanied by a feeling of fatigue from a large belly, then this reflects the difficulties and trouble that the dreamer goes through in his pursuit of achieving his goals, and pregnancy with a heavy belly usually symbolizes bearing responsibilities that exhaust the person.

Seeing a twin pregnancy in a dream

In a dream, seeing a pregnancy with twins has multiple connotations depending on the sex of the fetuses and their circumstances. Dreaming that you are pregnant with twins is considered a sign of blessings and joys that may be accompanied by responsibilities and burdens. If the fetuses are male, this may indicate major worries and burdens, while the joy of carrying male twins may symbolize the approaching relief and the dissipation of difficulties.

On the other hand, dreaming of carrying female twins symbolizes an increase in goodness and happiness in the dreamer’s life. If a woman sees in her dream that she is about to give birth to female twins, this means that her wishes will soon come true. By extension, dreaming of female quadruplets is an indication of abundant goodness that may come with some fatigue.

Among other interpretations of seeing pregnancy in a dream, pregnancy with a dead twin indicates the dreamer’s efforts in a direction that does not bring him benefit, and a woman who dreams that her twin is dying inside her womb may express suspicious gains.

Dream of pregnancy for an engaged girl

When a married or pregnant woman dreams that she is pregnant again, this vision is not considered strange and does not have disturbing connotations. If the dreamer is an unmarried girl or an engaged girl who has not yet been married, she may feel anxious about this dream.

Some interpreters, such as Ibn Sirin and Ibn Shaheen, interpret this vision optimistically, as they see in the dream of pregnancy for a virgin or engaged girl an indication of abundant goodness, and it promises a life full of righteousness, piety, and commitment to religious values, which foretells that she will be a mother in the future.

On the other hand, Al-Nabulsi offers a different interpretation of this vision, as he considers that a girl seeing herself pregnant may be a warning of the problems and worries that she may face.

Interpretation of a dream about pregnancy for a single woman in the fourth month

In the interpretation of seeing pregnancy for a single girl in a dream, it is considered a sign of purity and chastity, inspired by the story of the Virgin Mary, who became pregnant with Jesus, peace be upon them, without human intervention, thus embodying the most wonderful meanings of purity and integrity.

If a girl sees herself pregnant in a dream in any of the different stages of pregnancy, such as the fourth, fifth, or even the ninth month, this reflects her ability to bear hardships and adversities with patience and steadfastness. This also suggests strengthening her position and spiritual standing.

This vision also indicates the girl’s excellence and success in various aspects of her life, whether professional or social, in addition to achieving balance and satisfaction in future marital life.

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