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Dreams of Ibn Sirin
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gold dream

When gold appears in dreams, it has multiple connotations depending on the context of the dream. Dreaming of gold may symbolize success, excellence, and gaining respect in real life. Gold is seen as a sign of ambition and the pursuit of remarkable development in various fields.

Seeing shiny gold in a dream may indicate that energy and time are being used for useless matters. While finding gold heralds good luck, especially in personal relationships.

If the dream involves burying gold, it may draw attention to the individual's attempts to hide certain aspects of himself or ignore obvious facts. If someone dreams that he is cleaning gold, this can be interpreted as an expectation of upcoming success, with an emphasis that the effort expended is the key to achieving this success.

Interpretation of the dream of a lot of gold in the house

Seeing gold in a dream according to Ibn Sirin

The interpretation of seeing gold in dreams is not limited to one interpretation, but rather is diverse and rich with different connotations. Gold, due to its yellow color and multiple meanings, is often interpreted in a context that is not entirely positive. Interpretation depends largely on the details of the dream itself. For example, refined gold is believed to have a less harmful effect than raw gold because it has a specific name, such as a gold necklace or anklet.

If the dreamer sees himself inheriting gold, this may mean that he will receive a real inheritance. Whoever wears a gold piece may find himself establishing relationships with important or competent people. Finding a gold bar can indicate financial loss or facing problems, and is sometimes interpreted as a sign of criticism from an authoritarian figure.

Melting gold in a dream portends disputes and disputes that will become the talk of the people. If a person dreams that his house is made of gold or gilded, there are warnings about the danger of fire. Wearing a gold necklace may indicate assuming new important responsibilities and duties. Whoever wears two gold bracelets may face untoward events.

For men, wearing a golden anklet in a dream may portend imprisonment, as anklets are considered a symbol of restrictions. But in the context of jewelry, a ring, necklace, and earring are considered acceptable for men in dreams. As for women, seeing a golden bracelet or anklet may indicate marriage.

Interpretation of a dream about wearing gold for single women

For a single girl, seeing gold in a dream is often considered an auspicious sign of goodness and happiness to come in her life, according to a group of interpretations. It is seen that gold in dreams may indicate successes and new opportunities that may appear in the path of a single girl. This type of dream is often seen as an indication that a girl will soon be able to enter into a new phase of her life, which may include marrying someone with good and ideal qualities.

If a single girl sees herself crowned with a gold crown in a dream, this is interpreted as an indication of the approaching date of her marriage or her transition to an important and new stage in her life. It is also believed that gold, in general, may symbolize a girl meeting a new person who will have a positive influence in her life, giving her protection and support.

If a single girl dreams that her lover is offering her a gold crown, this may be considered an indication of the good intentions that this person has towards her, which is an indication of achieving an engagement or a serious step in their relationship in the near future.

However, there is another aspect that is indicated when a single girl dreams of wearing a gold anklet, as this may be seen as a symbol of the restrictions she faces in her life. In this context, the anklet is considered evidence of the obstacles or limits that the girl may feel exist in her personal life.

Seeing gold in a dream for a married woman

There are many visions about the symbol of gold in the dreams of a married woman, as it is believed to have different meanings that carry important omens or signs related to the life of the dreamer. Some believe that the appearance of gold in a married woman’s dream carries good news and blessings. Among the symbols related to gold is its appearance to women who have daughters, as it is interpreted as a sign that the daughters will soon marry people who have good qualities and good morals.

Bracelets, rings, and golden anklets in a dream may symbolize marriage itself or aspects related to the dreamer’s marital life. While seeing gold for a non-pregnant woman carries a message of special significance for pregnancy and childbirth, she may face some challenges on her way. On the other hand, if a married woman does not want to become pregnant, gold may indicate wealth awaiting her or an upcoming inheritance.

If a woman feels happy to see gold in a dream, it is said that this reflects good health and happiness for her children, while feeling sad may be a sign of problems or difficulties related to her male children.

If a woman receives a gift of gold in a dream, this is interpreted as good news, an indication of achieving wealth or obtaining money from a lawful source. If the gifter is the husband, this is considered evidence of feelings of love and stability in the marital relationship.

Interpretation of a dream about gold in a pregnant woman’s dream

Seeing gold in a pregnant woman’s dream carries multiple meanings and connotations that reflect different aspects of their lives. When a pregnant woman dreams that her husband offers her gold, this can symbolize the stability and depth of their relationship, and reflects mutual support and togetherness in times of challenges before happy times.

On the other hand, dreams of buying gold could indicate the end of a period of difficulties and pain faced by the pregnant woman, indicating the beginning of a new, calmer and more stable phase. It can also express the expectation of an easy birth and good health for her and her fetus.

Dreaming of seeing a gold ring carries good news and blessings that may come after the dreamer goes through difficult times or exerts great effort, which leads to achieving stability and a feeling of comfort, in addition to an improvement in the financial and health situation. If a pregnant woman is suffering from an illness, her dream of gold may promise good news of healing and recovery.

As for dreaming of wearing a gold bracelet during pregnancy, it may be interpreted as the possibility that the pregnant woman will give birth to a female child. These visions combine symbolism and hope, and express the pregnant woman’s ambitions and expectations for her future and the future of her family.

Interpretation of a dream about wearing gold for a divorced woman

In dream interpretation, seeing gold may carry multiple connotations for a divorced woman, mostly moving toward positivity and hope. When a divorced woman sees in her dream that she is adorned with large amounts of gold, this can be considered a positive sign that she has overcome the difficulties and tribulations that she has experienced in her life. This type of dream usually indicates a period of rest and freedom from previous restrictions.

In a similar context, if the vision includes buying gold in moments of overwhelming joy and happiness, then this may symbolize receiving goodness and blessings in the next life. This vision promises a life full of stability and satisfaction, and reflects the soul's longing for positive and bright-minded experiences.

In addition, when a divorced woman sees in her dream that her ex-husband gives her a piece of gold, this can be interpreted as a sign of a tangible positive transformation in her life. This dream may foretell a new start in your love life or finding a new life partner that will bring with it long-awaited happiness and stability.

Interpretation of a dream about wearing gold for a man

In the interpretation of dreams, seeing the same man wearing gold in a state of joy and pleasure carries positive, hopeful meanings. This vision may indicate the dreamer’s ability to overcome debts and reach the goals he aspires to in the coming periods of his life. According to this interpretation, gold is a symbol of success and overcoming difficulties.

On the other hand, if the dream includes buying gold, this may be considered a sign of getting rid of the worries and obstacles that the person faces in his life. Gold, in this context, becomes a symbol of strength and the ability to rise up and face challenges with confidence.

Interpretation of a dream about gold

If gold appears in your dreams in abundant quantities, it can have several meanings. Obtaining gold suddenly or wearing a lot of gold in a dream may indicate facing a series of difficult situations and sorrows, but you will find the strength to overcome these challenges.

On the other hand, if you receive a gift of gold in a dream, you should be careful towards the person who gave it, as this may portend upcoming problems or losses because of this person. But if you are the one who gives gold to another person, this could mean that you may be the cause of some inconvenience or problems for this person.

Interpretation of a dream about fake gold

The appearance of fake gold in a dream may be a mirror that reflects a person’s feeling of concern about honesty and sincerity in his relationships with the people around him. This may express a person's fear of being surrounded by individuals who may not be honest or sincere in their relationship with them.

On the other hand, a dream about fake gold can indicate that the dreamer is facing financial difficulties, as he feels unable to achieve his material desires or meet his basic needs, which leaves him in a state of anxiety and tension.

Also, this type of dream may serve as a warning to the dreamer that there are people in his life who may appear to be the opposite of who they are in reality, that is, people who are false and deceitful.

Interpretation of a dream about a gold ring in a dream

The interpretation of seeing a gold ring in dreams often carries different connotations depending on the social status of the dreamer. For single people, this vision may be an indication that their wedding date is approaching or the start of a new stage in their love life. For married people, it can be a good omen regarding childbearing or positive important transitions in their family life.

On the other hand, there are interpretations that suggest that seeing a gold ring may express a feeling of restrictions or forced change in a person’s life path, which may reflect a state of anxiety or hesitation regarding certain obligations.

For a married woman, this vision may prompt her to think deeply about her future and arrange her priorities and goals, perhaps focusing on improving her financial situation or achieving greater financial independence.

A vision of gold turning into silver or vice versa

In the interpretation of dreams, it is believed that the transformation of gold into silver indicates a decline in the standard of life or a decline in the economic or social status of the person who sees the vision, whether it concerns women, money, children, or servants.

On the other hand, if silver turns into gold in a dream, this is considered a positive sign indicating improvement in personal conditions, whether related to the person’s spouse, family, or relatives.

Objects that appear made of gold in dreams, such as gilded textiles, are seen as bringing a person closer to God. On the contrary, gold-plated objects are considered a sign of imitation of materialistic persons or a pretense of religiosity without sincerity.

Pure gold or silver objects in dreams indicate sincerity, good intentions, and fulfillment of promises. While spun gold and silver indicate a continuous source of income or livelihood that comes regularly. By the same logic, iron and copper in a dream express a kind of continuity or permanence in living or livelihood.

Interpretation of a dream about stealing gold in a dream

The interpretation of seeing gold stolen in dreams reflects a set of different symbols and meanings according to the context of each dream. This vision expresses different experiences and feelings related to greed, avarice, or personal and professional challenges that a person may face in his life.

In cases where a person sees himself stealing gold, whether in the form of bullion, jewelry, dinars or liras, it may indicate that he faces situations that carry with them tension and pressure resulting from the desire to obtain more in dishonest ways. This may reflect deviations in behavior and choices that may lead the person to bear more heavy burdens and responsibilities.

On the other hand, seeing a person stealing gold and then hiding it, selling it, or using it for personal adornment is interpreted as an indication of undertaking actions that may be surrounded by suspicious suspicions or a tendency towards making profit through illegal means. Likewise, remorse after theft can indicate feelings of guilt and a desire to right wrongs and get back on the right path.

On the contrary, when a person is subjected to the theft of gold in his dream, this may symbolize the relief of worries and the disappearance of burdens, as these visions symbolically reflect the course and transformations of the dreamer’s life, including the possibility of the disappearance of some disputes or professional pressures.

Interpretations of dreams of stealing gold also include warnings against ignoring values ​​and falling into problems caused by personal behavior. For example, stealing white, Chinese, or counterfeit gold carries interpretations related to false success, falling into traps, or indulging in the pursuit of achieving goals by undesirable means.

Interpretation of a dream about losing gold in a dream

If a person sees in his dream that he has lost his gold, this vision may indicate positive things such as the disappearance of worries, freedom from envy, and salvation from people whom he does not want to continue in his life. If the lost gold is recovered, this heralds the coming of goodness and blessings to the dreamer’s life.

On the other hand, if a single girl dreams that she lost a gold earring, this may mean that she is being deceived by the people closest to her and indicates the presence of those who talk about her in things that she does not have, in addition to indicating laziness and loss of opportunities on her part.

What is the interpretation of a dream about a gold necklace?

In the interpretation of dreams, a golden necklace is seen as a symbol of good deeds and closeness to God Almighty. If this necklace appears with some money, this may mean that the dreamer will be associated with a life partner who has outstanding beauty.

On the other hand, a man wearing a gold necklace could indicate that he will hold a high position in the future, which in turn will enhance his status and authority in his society. However, if the gold necklace has lost its luster, this may indicate that there are weaknesses in the dreamer’s personality, represented by his difficulty in making wise decisions.

Dreaming of being robbed of gold and recovering it

In dream interpretation, the symbol of stolen gold and its recovery carries multiple positive connotations related to different life paths. For example, if a person dreams that he was able to recover gold that was stolen from him, this may indicate that his rights or property will be restored in reality. Also, finding a stolen piece of gold in a dream may symbolize the end of an obligation or task that was causing a lot of fatigue and suffering to the dreamer.

On the other hand, a dream about recovering lost or stolen gold could reflect the dreamer’s desire to achieve his goals and his success in achieving his goals. While the dream of recovering stolen gold bullion represents the return of memories or feelings from the past that may be painful or joyful. In a similar context, finding stolen gold jewelry such as an anklet or bracelet in a dream may indicate repairing one’s reputation or regaining the trust and gratitude of others.

If the dreamer sees in his dream a stolen gold ring and he recovers it, this may mean regaining his status and respect among people after a period of absence or extinction. Finding a stolen gold earring in a dream is also interpreted as compensation for previous losses or the beginning of a new phase of prosperity and progress.

If you see someone recovering stolen gold belonging to a relative in a dream, this may symbolize restoring pride and honor to the family or obtaining inheritance rights. As for seeing a stolen gold necklace recovered, it could mean for the dreamer the return of power and influence.

Seeing stolen gold and recovering it in a dream is a symbol of optimism and the beginning of a new phase filled with success and restoring stability in various aspects of life.

Seeing a gift of gold in a dream

Gold in dreams for men may symbolize the consequences and difficult tasks that they feel rejected towards. Receiving gold as a gift in a dream can express a great tolerance for the responsibilities or trusts that burden the individual. When a man sees in his dream that he is receiving a ring as a gift, this may mean the end of a stage or matter in a way that does not satisfy him, but if he is on the cusp of marriage or starting a new job or position, this may indicate acceptance and welcome of this step.

For women, gold in dreams is a symbol of comfort, benefit, and good omens. For a married woman, it may indicate an increase in wealth or a move to a higher social status. As for a single girl who sees a gift of gold in her dream, it can be considered an indication of an imminent marriage or finding a job opportunity. Receiving crafted gold, such as bracelets and rings, is considered a particularly auspicious sign.

If gold in a dream comes as a gift from a well-known person to the single woman, this could mean that she will receive great support or help in achieving marriage or obtaining a job. As for a married woman who sees a well-known person giving her gold as a gift in a dream, this may be an indication that she will receive financial support or social recognition.

Gold given by a dead person in a dream may symbolize improving conditions or a good ending, while taking gold from a dead person may show the individual getting rid of problems and sorrows. Giving gold to a dead person in a dream, on the other hand, may indicate loss of blessings and diminished livelihood. Seeing a dead person wearing gold may express a high spiritual status for the deceased in the afterlife.

Gold bullion in a dream

Ibn Sirin links seeing gold in dreams with a set of meanings indicating anxiety and trouble. The appearance of a gold bullion in a dream is a sign of losing money for the dreamer. The more gold is visible in the dream, the more worries and anxieties are expected. Also, seeing gold bullion expresses the possibility of the dreamer being exposed to the ruler’s wrath and incurring fines.

The interpretation takes a different turn when talking about melting gold in a dream, as it is seen as evidence that the dreamer is involved in an annoying controversy that makes it a topic of conversation among people. In general, the view of gold bullion is considered more negative compared to worked gold such as utensils and jewelry.

On the other hand, Al-Nabulsi states that seeing gold making indicates evil and doom, and the gold alloy is seen as a sign of problems befalling the dreamer. If a person sees that he is extracting gold bullion from the ground, this may be an indication that he is entering into risky projects.

Regarding extracting gold from the ground, one of the dream interpreters states that there is a distinction according to the seasons; If a person digs the ground and finds gold during the winter, it can be considered a sign of livelihood. But if the gold was found during the summer, it may be interpreted as a warning of the danger of fires. In this case, it is advisable to be careful and ask God for safety.

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