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Dreams of Ibn Sirin
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Crying in a dream

According to Ibn Sirin’s interpretations, when crying appears in dreams without screaming or wailing, this is considered a positive indicator that predicts relief, happiness, and the disappearance of worries. These dreams are seen as a sign of alleviating difficulties, and an indication of the fulfillment of wishes or living a long life for the person who sees the dream, as long as the crying is free from screaming. On the other hand, if crying appears accompanied by screaming or wailing in the dream, this is interpreted as an indication of going through times full of sadness and grief.

Whoever sees himself reading the Qur’an in a dream while crying, or remembering his transgressions and crying over them, this expresses the sincerity of his remorse and repentance, and is considered an indication of the nearness of relief and joy. Crying in a dream is also a bridge to express the psychological and emotional pressures that the dreamer is suffering from in reality, as intense crying in a dream represents a release of these feelings and is therefore a sign of relief and the disappearance of distress.
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Interpretation of crying in a dream according to Al-Nabulsi

The Nabulsi scholar provides clear and understandable interpretations of dreams, and among those dreams is a girl seeing herself crying in a dream. The meanings of crying in our dreams vary based on the details of the dream.

If a girl sees herself crying loudly and heartily, this may portend that she will experience sorrows related to something that she cherishes very much. On the contrary, if her crying in a dream stems from humility and emotion while reading the Qur’an, then this is a positive sign that heralds the disappearance of grief and sadness, and indicates the arrival of joy and reassurance to her heart.

If the girl appears crying and wearing black clothes, this may be a reflection of her feelings of sadness and heaviness. If the crying in the dream was without sound or loud wailing, this is considered a joyful sign indicating that there will be happy news and joyful events that will come to the girl’s life soon.

Crying in a dream for a married woman

When a married woman dreams that she is shedding tears, this may be a positive sign that foretells joyful changes and breakthroughs coming to her life and home. This vision may mean getting rid of debts, improving difficult situations, or being evidence of success in raising children well. In addition, these dreams can herald the goodness and blessings that will come to marital life, especially if there is tension and problems between the spouses, as they promise the return of stability and peace. On the other hand, if crying in the dream is accompanied by screaming and wailing, the dream may carry inappropriate connotations. Desirable, such as the possibility of separation or confrontation with poverty and family problems.

In another scenario, if a woman witnesses herself crying silent tears in the dream, this may symbolize happy news related to pregnancy and childbirth in the near future.

Also, if she sees that one of her children is seriously ill in a dream and she is crying over him, this dream may reflect positive expectations about this child’s excellence and future achievements, especially on the academic level.

Interpretation of a dream about a single woman crying in a dream

For a single girl, crying in a dream may be a promising sign that her great aspirations, which she thought would be difficult to achieve, are about to come true. If she is hoping to get married to a specific person, then her intense crying in the dream could be an indication that she will marry this person soon, God willing. Crying also indicates the opportunity for her to obtain a job, which is an important step towards achieving her dreams and ambitions that she seeks throughout her life.

If there are disagreements with her boss at work or her fiancé, and she sees herself shedding tears in the dream, this could be an indication that the end of these problems is approaching, God willing. If she sees another girl crying in her dream, this may be a sign of goodness for that person.

For a girl who is delaying marriage and sees in a dream that she is crying, this could herald her marriage to a pious person, with whom she will live happily, God willing. In the case of crying over a dead person in a dream, this is interpreted as a sign of success and a life full of happiness in the future with a husband or fiancé.

Interpretation of a dream about crying for a pregnant woman

It is interesting that the dreams that pregnant women see may carry deep connotations and meanings, especially if these dreams include scenes of crying. Widely, these dreams are seen as good omens and symbols of a promising future for the mother and her fetus, with possible signals about the course of pregnancy and the course of childbirth.

In cases where a pregnant woman finds herself crying intensely in a dream without suffering from obvious sadness or fatigue, this is considered a positive sign that heralds an easy birth and good health for the newborn.

However, there are other cases in which dreams show a pregnant woman crying with intense burning and pain, whether through painful experiences or because she was exposed to injustice from a stranger. This may indicate that the pregnant woman feels anxious and stressed about the pregnancy, or even that the date of birth is approaching.

On the other hand, if crying in a dream is accompanied by screaming and wailing, this may indicate challenges that the pregnant woman may face during childbirth, as it may indicate her deep fears and concerns about the safety of her fetus.

Interpretation of seeing crying in a dream for a divorced woman

For a divorced woman who sees herself crying in a dream, this dream is considered a positive symbol that indicates that she has overcome a difficult stage in her life and entered a period of comfort and stability that she has always desired. Her dream also indicates achieving justice regarding the rights owed to her by her ex-husband.

For a divorced woman, crying in a dream indicates the possibility of marrying again to someone who will compensate her for what she went through in the past. Crying in dreams confirms her ability to fulfill her wishes in an environment free of sorrow.

However, if the crying in the dream is accompanied by a loud sound, it reflects a state of anxiety and sadness that may currently be overwhelming her life. However, there is an indication that this stage is difficult and you will overcome it with divine help to come.

On the other hand, if the crying in the dream is due to feelings of joy, then this is good news awaiting you in the near future.

Interpretation of seeing crying in a dream for a man and its meaning

When crying appears in a man's dream, this may indicate new and promising beginnings in business. These visions can foretell a coming period full of successful and profitable projects that will bring wealth. If the dreaming person is burdened with debt, then seeing himself crying in the dream may promise good news that he will get rid of these financial burdens and hear news that will make him happy. Tears in dreams may also reflect the elimination of family tensions and disagreements, as they symbolize the beginning of a new phase of happiness and family harmony.

For students, the vision of crying can be an indication of future academic and professional success, as it heralds the achievement of academic excellence that leads to obtaining satisfactory job opportunities that contribute to improving their financial situation.

For a man who sees himself crying with joy in his dream, this can be considered a symbol of blessing and lawful livelihood, as well as an indication of the fulfillment of wishes that he greatly desired. This vision serves as confirmation that hope and positive expectations in life can indeed come true.

Crying intensely in a dream

Some interpreters say that crying in a dream can reflect great feelings of worry and sadness. For example, if a person sees in his dream that a group of people is crying intensely, this may indicate adversities or challenges facing the entire community or entering into conflicts. Seeing a child crying intensely may indicate that the dreamer is going through difficult experiences. Also, crying accompanied by lamentation can mean the loss of good things or blessings, while quiet crying without sound indicates solutions to problems.

In other visions, intense crying and screaming in a dream may indicate that the individual is going through a major crisis. Whoever dreams that he is mourning the death of a ruler or an important figure, this may indicate injustice related to this figure. Crying over the death of a person in a dream may reflect the sadness of the living over the dead. Seeing a dead person crying carries the meaning of rebuke or reproach to the dreamer.

Interpretation of a dream of intense crying without tears

Dream interpretation experts indicate that dreaming of intense crying without tears reflects falling into adversity and adversity. This type of dream can express a feeling of suffocation and facing difficult challenges. On the other hand, if a person dreams that his tears are falling without crying, this means achieving something he aspires to. If he sees that blood is flowing in place of tears during intense crying, this symbolizes regret for something that has ended and a return to the right path.

Whoever sees in a dream his eyes full of tears, but without these tears falling, this indicates obtaining money in a legitimate way. While crying intensely while trying to hold back the tears indicates exposure to injustice and injustice. A dream about crying intensely without tears falling from the left eye expresses sadness about matters related to the afterlife, while the same dream, but from the right eye, expresses sadness about matters of this world.

Interpretation of a dream about crying severely from injustice

  • In dream interpretation, tears as a result of experiencing injustice are a powerful sign that carries multiple meanings.
  • Excessive crying is often seen as an indicator of material hardship such as need and loss of possessions.
  • This vision may also indicate a feeling of betrayal and frustration.
  • When a person sees himself shedding tears because of injustice in front of others in a dream, this may be an indication of the presence of an unjust authority that dominates them.
  • There is a belief that says that an individual who is exposed to injustice and cries intensely and then stops crying in his dream, may regain his stolen rights or receive a debt he owed to others.
  • As for crying resulting from the injustice of relatives in a dream, it is evidence of the loss of inheritance or wealth.
  • It is believed that an individual who sees himself crying intensely because of the injustice of someone known to him could be harmed by that character.
  • For someone who dreams that he is crying because of injustice by his boss at work, this may indicate that he will lose his job or be forced to work without pay.
  • In a similar context, dreaming of crying because of a father’s injustice indicates a feeling of parental anger.
  • Whoever dreams that he is crying intensely because of injustice while he is an orphan, this symbolizes being deprived of his rights and losing his property.
  • As for the dream of a prisoner crying intensely because of injustice, it may portend that his death is approaching, but the greatest knowledge remains with God.

Seeing a living person crying intensely in a dream

Ibn Shaheen points out that seeing intense crying in a dream, especially if it is for a dear person while he is actually alive, often indicates a feeling of separation or a break in the connection between loved ones. This vision can also express the pain of seeing this person in difficult and bitter circumstances. The intense crying of one of the brothers in a dream may reflect the dreamer’s desire to extend a helping hand to the brother to get out of some difficulty.

On the other hand, crying intensely for a stranger in a dream could be a warning sign of being betrayed or cheated by this person. While intense crying over the separation of a loved one who is already alive indicates the possibility of losing a position or loss in the field of work or trade.

Wailing over a close relative in a dream is also considered an indication of separation or disagreements that may lead to the disintegration of family relationships. Seeing someone crying with deep sadness over a living friend in a dream indicates a warning against falling into the trap of betrayal or exploitation by friends.

Interpretation of a dream about crying in a car

If a person owns a car and sees a dream about crying over this car, this can be interpreted in several ways. For example, if the crying is a result of a car being stolen, it may reflect that the person is affected by the economic and social challenges around him. As for crying over the car without a specific context, it may indicate fears about the future, a feeling of insecurity, and a feeling of great loss that may hurt the person greatly.

Interpretation of a dream crying over the dead

Seeing crying over a dead person, accompanied by wailing and screaming in a dream, suggests that there is a stage full of sadness and pain in the dreamer’s life. This vision may reflect difficult experiences that the individual is going through, ranging from facing misfortunes and crises, losing close people, increasing complaints and psychological pressures, and a negative impact on the financial situation due to debts or other financial problems.

The vision also has spiritual connotations, as it may indicate the need to remember the dead with supplication, charity, and seeking forgiveness. In this case, the vision becomes a kind of message calling for good deeds on behalf of the deceased person.

When a person sees himself crying for someone he knows who is actually alive, the vision can be an indicator of optimism, as it may symbolize a long life for that person, or the arrival of new blessings and sustenance in his life, in addition to confirming the strength of the close relationship between the dreamer and the person. Which he saw in his dream.

Crying over the dead in a dream, especially if the dead person is a person known to the dreamer, can carry positive signs such as providing goodness and livelihood and may express longing and nostalgia for the deceased.

Crying because of someone

In his interpretation of seeing crying in dreams, Ibn Sirin explains multiple interpretations depending on the context of the dream. Crying over a living person represents a positive sign, as it symbolizes the long life of the dreamer, the dissipation of worries, and the promise of good things to come. On the other hand, if the crying is accompanied by screams and wailing, then the dream carries another meaning, indicating deep sorrow and extreme sadness as a result of what the person for whom we are crying is experiencing.

Moreover, crying over an unknown person in a dream is an indication that the dreamer will face difficulties and problems that may come his way. While crying over the death of someone who is still alive has various connotations ranging from deep sadness, death, worry, or remorse related to the person concerned in the dream.

Dreaming of crying over someone you love...for women and men

Dreams in which a person sees himself crying for another person he loves indicate deep and strong feelings that connect them. These feelings may express the desire to enhance the relationship and strengthen the bonds of love and mutual support. Crying in a dream may also be an indication of upcoming breakthroughs that may resolve previous obstacles and disagreements, and herald the improvement and prosperity of the relationship.

For a married woman, crying in a dream over a dear person, such as her husband or son, may indicate achieving stability and happiness in her family life. If she is crying over a deceased son, this can be interpreted as good news and livelihood coming to her. If her crying is accompanied by a loud sound, this may reflect that she is facing major challenges in her life. If she is crying for her husband in the dream, this may mean that she will be of help to him in overcoming the difficulties he may face.

For a man who sees himself crying intensely over someone he loves in a dream, this may reflect the psychological pressures he is experiencing due to the distance or loss of a friend. Crying over a woman he loves in a dream may indicate the strength of his feelings towards her and may indicate the development of their relationship into marriage. As for crying over a problem facing a close friend, it could be a warning against getting involved in matters or projects without adequate caution and thought. Also, a man’s crying over the death of someone he knows may foretell the entry of a new person or the beginning of a new relationship in his life, with guidance being careful and careful in giving trust.

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