What is the interpretation of a dream about flying in a dream according to senior jurists?

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Flying in a dream

In dream interpretation, flying is a symbol rich in meaning, carrying different connotations depending on the context of the dream. It is usually seen as a sign of transformation or transition in a person's life, but the nature of this change may be positive or negative. For example, flying from one place to another can be seen as a sign of important changes in personal life, such as entering into a new marriage when dreaming of flying from one house to another. Whereas if the dreamer is going through a period of illness, the vision of flying may foretell the end of this stage, as it is considered in some interpretations to be evidence of death.

Flying in dreams is also related to travel. Arriving at a final destination after a long flight is interpreted as achieving benefits and goodness from a trip. As for the method of flying, flying with wings symbolizes a transition to a better situation in life. While flying without wings shows instability, and is considered a signal for a person to evaluate his life and correct his course.

For women, dreaming of flying with wings may symbolize pregnancy and childbirth, as wings symbolize the power that children will bring. Fears associated with flying in a dream may reflect effort expended in vain. Finally, falling while flying can indicate facing major obstacles or frustrating experiences.

Dreaming of flying with someone - dream interpretation

Interpretation of seeing flying in a dream by Ibn Sirin

Ibn Sirin, the scholar who specializes in dream interpretation, highlights multiple meanings of flying in a dream. According to his analysis, this vision is an indication of the intense desires of the dreamer. It also has a positive connotation of strength and leadership for people who demonstrate the competence to shoulder those responsibilities. However, in the case of individuals who are sick or on their deathbed, this vision may indicate their transition from this life to the afterlife.

Travel is also one of the meanings that may come with this vision, especially if the dreamer is able to land safely at the end of his flight, which promises goodness and success. Ibn Sirin adds to his interpretations by saying that flying with wings symbolizes positive changes in the dreamer's life, while flying without wings is associated with the fulfillment of wishes.

On the other hand, Ibn Sirin believes that falling while flying in a dream carries good news of obtaining what the dreamer desires. However, it is believed that flying without wings does not carry good, while flying with wings is considered to be linked to the level of righteousness or corruption in the dreamer's personality, with the possibility of being interpreted as stability and security.

Flying accompanied by fear is also seen as fruitless trouble. If someone sees in his dream that whole people are flying, this may reflect instability or anxiety. Going to work flying may indicate delay. While rising from the ground without flying is considered a symbol of pride and honor.

Interpretation of a dream about flying by Ibn Shaheen

In the interpretation of dreams, flying carries different connotations and symbols that vary depending on the details of the dream. A person who finds himself flying over the top of a mountain in his dream may be an indication of his achieving a prominent position or leadership of a group or region. Flying with birds in the sky in a dream may indicate a future trip in which the dreamer will be accompanied by people he has never known.

On the other hand, a vision of flying and then suddenly landing on the ground indicates the possibility of the dreamer contracting an illness, but he will not remain in this illness for long, as he will recover from it quickly. These visions reflect some of the interpretations of dreams about flying as reported by Ibn Shaheen, while always emphasizing that knowledge belongs to God alone, and interpretations of dreams may differ and change based on the dream data and the circumstances of the dreamer.

Interpretation of a dream about flying by Imam Al-Sadiq

In the world of dreams, it is believed that seeing oneself flying with great skill may indicate purity of spirit and good conduct in real life. According to Imam Al-Sadiq’s interpretations, dreaming of flying from one location to another may herald joyful news such as engagement or marriage, regardless of the dreamer’s gender.

Flying in dreams is often seen as a symbol of big life transitions or upcoming travel trips. Flying at a low altitude could be an indication of the person’s anxiety and fears.

The meaning of a vision of flying in the air in a married woman’s dream

In dream interpretation, flying through the skies is seen as a symbol with multiple connotations, especially when it comes to a married woman. Interpretations vary depending on the details of the dream and the dreamer’s circumstances. For example, if a woman sees herself moving by plane from one house to another, this may indicate major transformations in her family life. Dreaming of flying and having wings expresses self-realization and raising one’s status.

For a married woman who dreams that she is flying above the clouds, the dream indicates her high hopes and ambitions. As for flying into space, it is considered an expression of the intense joy and satisfaction that she feels in her married life or in other aspects of her life.

When a woman sees in her dream that she is flying relying on her husband, this reflects the deep appreciation and respect that her husband has for her, and also indicates his supportive role in her life. Seeing one of her children flying may express his promising future, whether that is through marriage, studying or working abroad.

Flying and falling in a dream

Dream interpreters offer several interpretations of a dream about falling while flying. Flying in a dream may symbolize the desire to achieve goals while ignoring the necessary means to do so. In the event of a fatal fall, this is interpreted as life's temptations that may turn into disappointments. As for falling into the water, it expresses the dreamer drifting towards temptation and falling into it.

Seeing yourself falling into the mud reflects turning away from religious teachings, and falling into an unknown place highlights the feeling of losing control over personal decisions. While the vision in which the dreamer flies, then falls, and then flies again, suggests personal flexibility and the ability to learn from mistakes and continue moving towards ambitions.

On the other hand, seeing yourself flying without being able to control it indicates a lack of reliance on faith and spiritual direction. With regard to dreaming of flying without being able to land; It expresses the individual's ambition that he may eventually achieve, thanking the Almighty for what he has granted.

Interpretation of flying in a dream for single women

There are many interpretations of the vision of flying in a single woman’s dream, as these visions can indicate different aspects of her life and future. If a single woman sees herself flying from her home towards another house nearby, this can be considered an indication that she may marry someone familiar to her. On the other hand, if the trip was without a clear goal, this may indicate challenges and difficulties that the woman may face in the coming period.

If a single woman sees that she is flying with two wings, this suggests that there is support and assistance from someone close to her, who will help her achieve her goals and aspirations. On the other hand, if she finds herself unable to fly, this may indicate her feeling of helplessness in the face of life’s challenges, and may reflect a lack of self-confidence.

When a single woman sees in her dream that she is rising from the ground and flying between the sky and space without entering it, this is interpreted as a positive sign indicating that her dreams and ambitions will come true in the near future. However, if its flight extends until reaching space, it may be interpreted in a different sense, foretelling the imminent occurrence of an unfortunate event.

Interpretation of flying in a dream for a man

Interpretation of seeing flying in dreams carries multiple and rich meanings and connotations. For example, if a person sees in his dream that he is flying from one location to another, this can be interpreted as that he will marry more than once, with each location he visits associated with one of his marriages. If you see flying from one roof to another, this may indicate that the person has achieved tangible and notable progress in his life.

While flying with wings in a dream is considered an indication of wealth and great financial gains that the dreamer may obtain. If flying over the sea, this is seen as a sign of obtaining a high status and widespread recognition from the people around him. As for flying with great skill, like an eagle, it alludes to the righteousness and uprightness of the dreamer’s personality.

Interpretation of flying in a dream for a pregnant woman

The vision of flying in a dream for pregnant women reveals a group of diverse interpretations that carry good and challenging meanings, depending on the nature of the dream. Each interpretation carries within it a different story that can reflect the dreamer's experiences, hopes and fears during pregnancy.

When a pregnant woman finds herself flying in the sky without obstacles, this can be interpreted as a positive sign that suggests an easy birth and free of great suffering and pain, which brings comfort to the heart of the mother who is impatiently awaiting this moment.

On the contrary, if she sees that she is falling while trying to fly or slipping from a high peak, this vision may express her fear and anxiety about losing the fetus or the possibility of problems in its development. These are indications that require the dreamer to pay more attention to her health and comfort.

Meanwhile, the appearance of the symbol of making white wings in a pregnant woman’s dream carries optimistic meanings. If she remains on the ground without flying with wings, this hints at the possibility of giving birth to a boy. However, if you take a step forward and fly with it, it indicates the possibility of the baby being female.

Flying in a dream over the sea for a single woman

When a single girl dreams that she is flying over the surface of the sea in her dream, this carries certain connotations and messages. Dreaming about flying over water may indicate her tendency toward hasty decision-making in her life, and this in turn may bring her undesirable consequences. This vision may also suggest that she is currently facing major challenges, and feels that she is immersed in the middle of a complex problem for which she cannot find clear solutions.

In addition, if this vision is repeated, it may be an indication that there are some sins or behaviors in which you have crossed the limits and which you must reconsider and seek to repent and move away from. Flying over the sea can be viewed as an attempt at liberation and salvation, but at the same time it carries within it a warning to be careful in making decisions and the need to think deeply before taking steps that could have dire consequences.

Interpretation of seeing fear of flying in a dream for a single woman

A single woman’s vision of fear of flying in a dream carries multiple and profound meanings. This scene could be a reflection of feelings of remorse and the need for self-reformation, indicating the importance of returning to the right path and working to correct mistakes. The fear of flying for a single woman also represents an obstacle to achieving her goals and a symbol of the difficulties of guiding and making decisions in her life. This dream also suggests that there are challenges that may come her way, which requires her to face them with courage and wisdom.

Interpretation of a dream about flying with someone in a dream according to Ibn Sirin

Dreaming of flying side by side with someone you love may be a symbol of stability and harmony in the relationship between you, and it may hint at a deep and strong connection that brings you together during that period. Traveling in the sky with a familiar person can indicate sharing all experiences and feelings, whether positive or negative, which strengthens the strength of the friendship or romantic relationship.

On the other hand, if you find yourself shaving with a stranger in the dream, this may symbolize that you are going through a difficult period or feeling sad at the moment. Flying next to someone you do not know may also reflect feelings of anxiety about the future and fears of confronting unresolved issues.

Flying with someone in a dream for single women

For a single girl, seeing flying with someone in a dream heralds goodness and carries inspiring interpretations according to who she is flying with in the dream. If she sees that she is flying with her fiancé, this indicates that the date of their marriage is soon.

On the other hand, if she finds herself flying with a famous person, this is an indication of the emergence of a valuable job opportunity that carries with it the possibility of obtaining a lucrative income.

Interpretation of a dream about flying with one’s husband in a dream by Ibn Sirin

In the interpretation of dreams, there are often multiple meanings and connotations that may indicate different conditions and events in the dreamer’s life. When a person sees himself flying with his life partner in a dream, this can have different interpretations depending on the dreamer’s circumstances and his psychological and social state. Among these interpretations, the dream of flying with one’s husband in a dream may be seen as good news of positive things such as improving life conditions, livelihood, and getting rid of worries soon. Depending on the details of the dream and the dreamer’s feelings during it, it may also be interpreted as an indication of mutual support between the spouses and their joint pursuit of achieving their goals and protecting their family.

On the other hand, the dream may also reflect the fears and tensions that the dreamer experiences in certain periods. Flying in a dream with one’s husband may indicate the dreamer’s desire to escape from responsibilities or problems he faces in reality. The dream comes as a reflection of the psychological state of the dreamer and his desire to search for safety and support.

Interpretation of a dream: I dreamed that I was flying inside the house in a dream according to Ibn Sirin

Interpretation of seeing flying in a dream can carry multiple connotations depending on the context and circumstances of the person seeing it. If a person sees himself flying inside his house in a dream, this may be interpreted according to some interpretations as an indication of experiencing a difficult period or facing a painful health crisis during that period.

For a single girl who dreams that she is flying inside the house, this can be interpreted as a sign of obstacles standing in her way towards achieving her dreams and goals. This vision indicates the possibility of restrictions preventing her progress in some aspects of her life.

In general, flying inside the house in a dream can also indicate exposure to certain difficulties or crises within the family or home at that period. These problems or crises may have a significant impact on the person’s psychological or social condition.

Interpretation of a dream about flying in the sky by Ibn Sirin

Dreams of flying received multiple interpretations by Ibn Sirin, who is considered one of the greatest dream interpreters in the Islamic heritage. These interpretations varied to include flying with wings as well as flying without them. It is believed that people who see themselves flying with wings in their dreams are close to achieving their goals and aspirations.

However, there are interpretations that have less optimistic connotations. Flying from one house to another in a dream may portend in reality marital problems and the possibility of separation. On the other hand, flying over the sea in a dream indicates the great positive changes expected in the dreamer’s life, anticipating an improvement in the social and professional situation, with the disappearance of laziness and negative energy.

However, if the dream involves falling into water while flying, this may be interpreted as a sign of facing difficulties and obstacles that may negatively affect various aspects of the dreamer's life. In the dream world, flying high in the sky and seeing strange birds is seen as a sign of a potentially tragic event occurring in the dreamer's surroundings.

Ibn Sirin’s interpretation of dreams about flying reflects the intersection between hopes and challenges in human life, indicating that what we see in our dreams can carry signs and indications of what awaits us in reality.

Interpretation of seeing planes in a dream

Seeing airplanes of different sizes is a symbol of a set of expectations and outcomes in the dreamer’s life. For example, a large plane in a dream may indicate major academic or professional successes soon, in the form of graduation or obtaining an important certificate. While a small plane may indicate the success of a personal project under implementation.

Sometimes, dreams may carry some warning symbols; For example, running after an airplane can express loss or the potential loss of an important relationship. On the other hand, being in the middle of a group of planes can be a symbol of joy and blessings coming from all directions.

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