Learn about the interpretation of a dream about hitting an unknown person in a dream according to Ibn Sirin

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Dreams of Ibn Sirin
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Interpretation of a dream about hitting an unknown person

Seeing a person in his dream as if he is hitting another person carries with it good tidings of livelihood and great gifts that God will bestow upon him in the near future.

When a person sees in his dream that he is being hit with a metal tool, this foretells that he will receive new clothes soon.

If he sees himself getting hit in the back by his boss, this is an indication that he is about to marry a woman of extreme beauty who will bring him happiness in his life.

As for seeing being beaten with a sharp object that causes harm, this symbolizes the great effort that the person makes in his pursuit of achieving his dreams and goals.

Dreaming of hitting someone with the hand in a dream - dream interpretation

Interpretation of a dream about hitting an unknown person for single women

In the dreams of an unmarried girl, the vision of being beaten without pain may carry meanings related to the imminence of marriage. Sometimes, being beaten in a dream is an indication of unexpected changes that may occur in her life. If she experiences intense and frequent hitting from someone she doesn't know in a certain area of ​​her body, it may be an indication that that part of her body may be hurting. When the hitter in the dream is an unknown person who uses his palm to hit, this may mean that the dream contains advice to the girl about the need to pay attention to some aspects of her life.

Interpretation of seeing beating in a dream by Ibn Sirin

Interpreters mentioned that dreams have specific meanings that vary depending on their details. For example, if a person feels that he was beaten in the abdomen during his dream, this may express the arrival of goodness and abundant livelihood for him. If you notice damage or atrophy in the abdominal area in the dream, this may indicate facing difficult times and a lack of resources.

When a person dreams that he is hitting another person using a piece of wood, this can symbolize the making of promises that will not be fulfilled. If the whip is beaten, it reflects the possibility of a person taking something from others in an unfair way. As for hitting others with stones in a dream, it suggests insulting them through incorrect accusations. If the beating was done with a shoe, this indicates giving money to others in the form of debt or loan.

Seeing someone hitting someone in a dream according to Ibn Sirin

Ibn Sirin’s interpretation of beating in dreams refers to phenomena and meanings that vary according to the details of the dream. When an individual sees himself hitting someone unknown to him in a dream, this expresses his intention and efforts to benefit and help others. While hitting a familiar person or relative reflects advice or discipline with the intention of reform.

If the hitting is directed towards the person's face, it symbolizes reprimand or correction, while hitting the head indicates competition or a quest for superiority. Hitting the back expresses betrayal, and hitting the stomach foretells seizing money for the purpose of harm.

Dreaming about hitting a weak person is interpreted as praying for him, and hitting a ruler or a person of high standing shows self-defense or achieving victory. Hitting accompanied by screaming indicates a request for help, while hitting with insults and insults expresses physical or verbal harm to others. Hitting more than one person suggests the weight of the responsibilities that the dreamer carries.

Seeing someone hitting me with his hand in a dream

If it appears in your dream that someone is slapping you, this indicates that you may enjoy financial gains from this person. If the hitter in the dream is someone you know, this means that he will provide you with some benefit. If this person is a relative of yours, the dream heralds inheritance or inheritance. If the attacker is someone unfamiliar to you, then this is an indication of livelihood coming to you from someone else.

If the blow was on the face in a dream, this symbolizes guidance and direction. Hitting the head in a dream indicates the achievement of goals and desires. As for a blow to the neck, it means fulfilling obligations and covenants. While hitting the back expresses paying off debts.

Seeing someone hitting you in the stomach is evidence of earning lawful money, while hitting someone on the eyelid indicates neglect of religion or beliefs.

Seeing someone hitting someone in a dream for a married woman

In dreams, seeing a married woman being beaten by her husband may be an indication of disagreements between them, but in the end she finds a way to reach solutions. Also, a dream about a husband beating him may express his desire to defend his wife’s rights and take care of her.

If a married woman dreams that she is being beaten with a stick, this may mean that she will receive support and assistance in managing household affairs. While a dream about being hit with stones indicates that she may face unfounded accusations.

As for seeing her being beaten on the feet in a dream, it indicates that she may receive financial support. If she sees in her dream that she is the one doing the beating, this indicates her role in caring for and caring for those around her.

Interpretation of a dream about someone hitting a pregnant woman

In a pregnant woman's dream, if she sees that someone is beating her, this is considered good news that her pregnancy will pass safely and that she will give birth to a healthy male child. If she sees her husband beating her in a dream, this is a sign that she will give birth to a girl of outstanding beauty, and this girl will become a close and trusted friend of her mother in the future. However, if the blow was from someone unknown to the dreamer, this is evidence of her willingness and ability to endure and be patient during the difficult times she faces and to overcome the pain and psychological pressures that stand in her way.

Interpretation of a dream about someone hitting a divorcee

When a divorced woman dreams that her father beats her in a dream, this can be interpreted as a sign of his strong interest in her, as he expresses his desire to guide and support her in her life.

If she sees in her dream that someone is hitting her, this may indicate financial aspirations or upcoming benefits awaiting her in the next stage.

However, if the dreamer sees in her dream that her ex-husband is treating her harshly and she is upbeat and happy, then this may foretell positive signs looming for her, which may include the possibility of reestablishing contact between them and settling outstanding matters and disputes.

Interpretation of a dream about someone hitting my ears

When a woman dreams that someone is attacking and beating her, this reflects the extent of rejection and hostility she feels towards this person, which indicates an internal conflict and an inability to control her emotions and feelings.

If a person sees himself being subjected to injustice and abuse in a dream in a way that causes him to bleed, this may indicate expectations of facing significant financial losses in the near future.

As for the situation in which an individual finds himself being beaten in a dream by someone who harms him, this could symbolize painful experiences and great challenges that he is expected to go through in the next stage of his life.

Interpretation of a dream about hitting a dead person in a dream

When a person dreams that he is attacking his deceased acquaintances, this may express the appreciation and high status that the dreamer enjoys in the afterlife. If the dreamer uses a wooden stick in his attack against the deceased, this may indicate his commitment and fulfillment of the promises he made to himself. As for a pregnant woman who dreams that her deceased father is attacking her, this could be an indication of the difficulties and hardships she faces during pregnancy.

Hitting the head and hand in a dream

In Arabic interpretations of dreams, hitting the head or face carries multiple connotations that depend on the tool used and its effects. If the batterer leaves a mark with an object, it may indicate bad intentions from the batterer towards the person struck. Specifically, hitting the eyelid may symbolize an attempt to corrupt a person’s religion, and removing the eyelids is an invitation to engage in heresy.

Sheikh Al-Nabulsi mentions that smacking on the back in dreams can express that the batterer is bearing the debts of the beaten person, but if the beating is on the buttocks, it suggests getting the beaten person married or helping him get married. Being hit on the hand indicates money coming to the person who was struck. While tapping the foot symbolizes moving towards meeting a need or alleviating distress.

As for hitting the head, it can be considered advice related to prestige and the exercise of authority. While hitting the face in a dream is considered an indication of committing a sin or sin, with a reference to harm in the afterlife despite the material benefit in this world. Hitting the stomach indicates that the attacker provides supplies and benefits to the victim, and hitting the back can be interpreted as a defense of the person being attacked.

Interpretation of a dream about being hit with a knife in a dream

If a person sees in a dream that his acquaintances or someone has attacked him using a sword, this indicates that he is on the verge of fundamental changes in his life that may be for the better or for the worse, depending on what he is currently going through.

As for dreaming that someone is attacking him with a knife, it expresses that the dreamer is going through paths fraught with risks and unaccounted experiences that may expose him to difficult and dangerous situations in his future.

If a person sees himself being stabbed in the back with a knife in a dream, this is an indication that he may be betrayed by someone he trusts, who could cause him harm.

According to what Ibn Sirin mentioned in his interpretation of dreams, dreaming of being beaten with a piece of wood by someone the dreamer knows means that the person in question will break his promise to the dreamer and will not fulfill what he promised.

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