The most important implications for the interpretation of a dream about a dead person according to Ibn Sirin

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Dreams of Ibn Sirin
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Dead dream interpretation

If a person saw in his dream the death of someone he previously knew, but the shouts did not rise around him, but rather the sadness was silent, this indicates that the dreamer will receive goodness from the descendants of the deceased. Sadness in a dream is considered an indication of the disappearance of worries and new beginnings.

If a person dreams that he died without clothes, lying on a rug or bed, this is an indication that he will receive blessings and goodness from his family, and that life will open its doors to prosperity for him.

If an individual witnesses in his dream that he has discovered a dead body, this heralds finding wealth or financial gain. If he dreams that his son has died, this is an indication of his victory over his opponents and getting rid of his enemies.

If the dream includes accompanying the dead person or carrying him on the neck, then this indicates a long journey that the dreamer will undertake, which will bring him abundant goodness, and if the dream includes carrying the dead person, then this promises abundant livelihood and wealth.

Interpretation of the dead dream of Ibn Sirin

Interpretation of seeing the dead in a dream by Ibn Sirin for single women

When a single girl dreams of a deceased person returning to life, this heralds a future full of positives and happy developments. These dreams symbolize the beginning of a new chapter full of hope and renewal in her life, as they highlight the disappearance of difficulties and the easing of the crises she experienced.

In this context, seeing a dead person returning to her in a single woman’s dream indicates the approaching period that brings with it opportunities and achievements. These dream encounters with the dead do not only mean goodness and blessings, but rather are an indication of regaining wellness, ambition, and inspiration that may help her overcome challenges.

If the deceased person appears taking something from the dreamer, this is interpreted as a positive sign indicating freedom from long-standing restrictions and problems. On the other hand, if the vision is that the deceased person wakes up from his death, then this is a happy sign that symbolizes the fulfillment of personal wishes and goals that promise noticeable changes for the better in her life’s journey.

Interpretation of seeing the dead in a dream for a married woman

When a wife sees the deceased person giving her something in her dream, this may be an indication of the coming of goodness and blessings in her life, including the possibility of pregnancy. If you shake hands with a deceased relative in the dream, this may indicate a possible loss of something valuable in the near future. If the dream includes hugging the deceased, this heralds abundant goodness and the achievement of goals and successes. However, if the dead person appears angry in the dream, this may reflect excessive focus on the pleasures and temptations of worldly life without concern for the afterlife. On the other hand, if the dream includes the deceased taking something from the dreamer, this may indicate getting rid of problems and improving conditions, especially with regard to marital life.

Interpretation of seeing the dead praying in a dream

Seeing the dead praying with the living in dreams indicates multiple messages and very significant meanings. When the dead are seen praying alongside the living, this is interpreted as a sign of the approaching death of the living, considering it as if they are following in the footsteps of the dead. While if the dead pray in mosques in dreams, this reflects that they will be safe from punishment after their death.

It should also be noted that the sight of the dead performing prayers in places other than those in which they prayed during their lives suggests that they received a reward for deeds or charitable endowments after their death. If the dead pray in their usual areas, this symbolizes the continuity of their good influence and religion among their families.

Likewise, seeing the dead praying the morning prayer brings reassurance that the fear and anxiety that was troubling the dreamer has disappeared, while the noon prayer promises good news of safety from any danger that may loom on the horizon. The afternoon prayer performed by the dead indicates the dreamer’s need for calm and tranquility, while the evening prayer means the near end of worries and problems, and the evening prayer carries good news of a good ending.

As for praying with the dead in mosques, it suggests directing the dreamer towards the path of truth and righteousness according to the will of God. In addition, dreaming of the dead performing ablution is seen as a good sign indicating their good standing before their Creator. The dreamer should contemplate if he sees the dead performing ablution, as this may be an invitation to him to hasten the repayment of his debts. It is said that ablution of the dead in the dreamer’s house heralds good news. By making things easier through prayer.

Interpretation of kissing and hugging a dead person in a dream

If a person kisses an unknown deceased person in his dream, this may mean that he is about to receive good tidings and livelihood from unexpected sources. On the other hand, if the dead person in the dream is a well-known person and the dreamer kisses him, then this symbolizes the goodness that will come to him from his relatives or from people close to him. This verb may also express the benefit that the dreamer will receive from the deceased person, whether it is knowledge or money.

For example, kissing the forehead of a dead person may indicate deep respect and a desire to follow in his footsteps, while the phenomenon of kissing a dead person’s hand in a dream may reflect a feeling of remorse for an action. If a person has a vision in which he kisses the feet of a deceased person, this may indicate that he is seeking forgiveness and forgiveness. In addition, kissing a dead person on the mouth in a dream indicates interest in the words of the deceased, publishing them, or acting on them.

As for hugs in the dream world, hugging a deceased person can indicate a long life for the dreamer. However, if the hug is contentious, this may not be a positive sign. Also, feeling pain while hugging a dead person may indicate that the dreamer is suffering from some health problems.

Seeing a dead person sad in a dream and dreaming of a dead person crying

When seeing a deceased person who appears sad, this may indicate a lack of commitment to his religious beliefs and duties, or perhaps reflect a negligence in praying for the dead and giving alms to him. If the dead person appears in the dream crying, it sends a warning message reminding of the importance of thinking about the afterlife.

The appearance of the deceased screaming or wailing could symbolize unresolved material or emotional attachments during his life, such as unresolved debts or disputes. There are also those who say that seeing a dead person beating himself in a dream may portend difficulties that the family may face.

Seeing a deceased mother sad can be interpreted as an indication that the dreamer has lost his spiritual path or neglected her rights, emphasizing her need for prayers and alms. A father's crying in a dream, on the other hand, may reflect periods of distress that the dreamer is going through and his need for support, or it may express remorse for actions that contradict the father's teachings. For single girls, a dead father crying in a dream may be an indication of a feeling of need for emotional support or remorse.

Interpretation of a dream about the dead talking to the living in a dream by Ibn Sirin

If the dreamer witnesses the deceased coming back to life and engages in a dialogue with him, especially if the deceased is a well-known person who tells him that he is still alive, this could express the deceased’s high status in the afterlife, and indicate his comfort and happiness there.

When someone dreams of communicating with the dead, this is an indication of internal feelings of loss and longing, and is a reminder of the times when the dreamer was together with the deceased.

If the deceased appears in a dream angry or blaming the dreamer, this is seen as a warning to the dreamer of the need to repent and return to the right path after committing sins.

If the dead person asks for a specific thing in the dream, such as food, this may mean the deceased soul’s need for prayers and alms from the living.

These interpretations provide us with a spiritual dimension that helps us understand the connection between us and those we have lost, reminding us of the importance of praying for them and holding on to the hope of meeting again.

Interpretation of seeing a dead person in a dream is sick

When we dream that a deceased person is in pain, it is believed that this is a sign that he has obligations or debts that we need to pay or fulfill.
If the deceased appears in the dream and is suffering from a headache, this is interpreted that the person may not have performed his duties optimally towards his family, his work, or even his parents during his life.
Dreaming that the deceased is suffering from neck pain indicates the possibility that he has acted extravagantly or neglected his wife’s rights.
If the pain that the deceased suffers from in the dream is in the side, this may reflect that the individual was unjust to his wife during his life.

 Interpretation of seeing the dead in a dream while he is alive

When a person dreams of seeing a dead person while he is actually alive, this dream can be interpreted as good news that the dreamer’s conditions will improve and that he will accomplish something that he considered difficult or impossible. If he sees in his dream dead people he knows and they are in good appearance and shining, this symbolizes the coming of goodness and happiness into the life of the dreamer or to the family of the dead who appeared in the dream with a cheerful appearance.

On the other hand, if the dreamer feels fear in his dream and sees his parents alive, this is an indication that worries will disappear and the situation will change for the better, and things will become easier and smoother, especially if the dream includes seeing the mother.

If a person sees himself bringing a dead person back to life in a dream, this can be interpreted that he will meet a person of another religion or adopt a different ideology than what is familiar to him. These dreams carry multiple meanings and remind the dreamer of the importance of optimism and receiving what is new and useful in his life.

Seeing a dead person in a dream dying

When seeing death in a dream again and hearing the sounds of crying and sadness around it, this indicates different tidings according to the interpretations of the interpreters. Ibn Sirin sees this vision as an indication of marrying a close person and entering into a life full of joy and happiness with a partner.

On the other hand, Al-Nabulsi sheds light on a somewhat different aspect, as he considers that repeating the death of a dead person in a dream may portend the occurrence of an untoward incident that will befall the dreamer or one of the relatives close to the deceased.

In addition, Al-Nabulsi goes on to give another interpretation that crying over the dead in a dream could be a symbol of the imminent recovery of a sick person, which brings hope and optimism to the dreamer’s heart that improvement and wellness are on the near horizon.

Seeing a dead person in a dream for a single woman

When an unmarried girl dreams of a deceased person as if he came back to life, this often indicates renewed hope and the return of activity in an aspect of her life that she thought had ended or been lost. This vision is considered good news of improved conditions and the fulfillment of wishes that seemed difficult to achieve.

In the case where a single girl sees the dead person shedding tears in her dream, this is understood to mean that the dead person is in need of prayers and charity. It is a sign that the soul is asking for help and asking for forgiveness from the Almighty.

As for seeing a deceased grandfather or grandmother in a dream, it carries meanings of goodness and blessings that will descend upon the girl from heaven. If she finds the deceased holding her hand in the dream, this can be interpreted as an indication that her wedding date is approaching or that she will enter into a serious relationship that will lead to marriage.

What is the interpretation of seeing a dead person giving money in a dream to Ibn Shaheen?

When a dead person appears in dreams offering paper money, this vision heralds a new phase full of positives that will occur in the dreamer’s life in the near future. On the other hand, if the money offered by the deceased is made of metal, this foretells that the dreamer will face a difficult crisis, which may have complex effects and challenges that are difficult to overcome. However, if a person dreams that he refuses to receive money from the deceased, this vision indicates that he is missing a valuable opportunity that he could have benefited from.

Interpretation of seeing sleeping next to a dead person in a dream by Ibn Sirin

In the world of dreams, seeing the dead and sleeping next to them carries profound connotations related to various aspects of human life and its outcomes. When a person dreams that he is sleeping next to a deceased person, this may reflect expectations regarding longevity. If the sleeper is to the right of the deceased, this symbolizes firm religious commitment and obedience. On the other hand, sleeping on the left side may indicate stability and happiness in worldly life.

Dreams in which the dreamer appears sleeping at the hand of the dead person express his undertaking a good charitable deed, while dreaming of the dead person sleeping at the hand of the dreamer is an indication of the necessity of doing alms. Sometimes, a vision of a dead person inviting the dreamer to sleep next to him can symbolize the fulfillment of the latter’s invitations.

There are special connotations related to the condition of the deceased himself; If he asks a living person to sleep next to him, this may mean the importance of following the dead person's approach or completing his work. If the deceased asks another deceased person to do so, it may indicate the deceased’s plight in the afterlife. The appearance of the deceased in a dream and he refuses to let anyone sleep next to him could express the achievement of a high status for him in the other world.

Dreaming of sleeping next to a dead person without seeing him suggests the possibility of the dreamer dying for the same reason as the deceased, while embracing the deceased in a dream may represent deep longing for him. Feeling afraid to sleep next to the deceased is interpreted as a lack of security and stability, and refraining from doing so indicates forgetting the deceased and the disappearance of his memory from among the people.

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