What is the interpretation of a dream about war according to senior jurists?

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Interpretation of a dream about war

If wars appear in a person's dreams, this may reflect that he will face multiple challenges and obstacles in the near future.

If the country to which the dreamer belongs appears defeated in a battle in your dream, this may indicate that he will suffer financial losses in his field of work or trade.

On the other hand, the dreamer being injured in the hand during a war dream may foretell the arrival of livelihood or material gain for him.

Moreover, if the dreamer is actually participating in the fight against another warrior within the dream, this is interpreted as a positive sign towards achieving significant profits and successes at various levels in his life, which paves the way for the fulfillment of his wishes.

As for the scene in which the dreamer fights battles using bows and arrows to kill enemies, it can be interpreted as an indication of achieving his ambitions and goals.

On the other hand, the sight of a large number of soldiers in a dream may indicate family conflicts or tensions that the dreamer may experience in reality.

Interpretation of a dream about war

Interpretation of seeing victory in war in a dream

When a person dreams that he defeats soldiers in battle and overcomes them, this vision indicates the presence of good luck in his life. Also, an archer using an arrow and a bow in a dream expresses his ability to achieve his goals easily and smoothly in reality. If a person sees himself raising the takbir and chanting the takbir during the dream, this is an indication of his ability to overcome obstacles and triumph over enemies, which paves the way for overcoming the dangers he may face in the coming time.

What is the interpretation of seeing war in a dream according to Ibn Sirin?

When a person dreams of war, this often reflects the pressures and problems he is experiencing in his life, whether personal or professional. If he sees in his dream a war taking place between the leaders of countries, this portends the spread of diseases on earth. On the other hand, if the war is between people, this may indicate high prices and increased poverty among people. While seeing conflicts between the people and their leaders may suggest achieving some improvements in general conditions by reducing prices and improving the standard of living.

What is the interpretation of seeing war in a dream for a man?

If a single young man sees war scenes in a dream, this heralds joyful news awaiting him soon. When a man dreams that he is fighting a battle against a soldier and defeating him, this is evidence of the brilliant success he will achieve in his field of work. If the dream includes a man’s victory over his opponent, this is an indication that the obstacles and crises that stand in his way will disappear. For a married man who finds himself fighting in a dream, this reflects his continuous efforts to build a bright future for his family and children. A dream about jihad for a man foretells the abundant goodness and livelihood that he and his family will receive. Seeing wars without participating in them indicates possible conflicts with relatives, which may lead to tension in family relationships.

Interpretation of a dream about war and missiles for a single woman

When a girl who has not entered the golden cage dreams that she is living in the middle of great battles in which missiles are involved, this holds good news for her that there is a person of high morals who will appear in her life to marry her soon. These dreams, which include intense combat incidents and the use of modern weapons such as missiles, are often interpreted as an indication of successful coups and joyful news that will come to the dreamer in the near future. Also, when a girl sees rockets falling around her without causing harm, this is considered an indication that she will undergo auspicious transformations that herald comfort and improvement in her life circumstances. In a related context, if she observes the same dream, but with events that end in victory and overcoming difficulties, this foretells her overcoming the obstacles she faces and the beginning of a new phase filled with optimism and hope for a bright future, God willing.

Interpretation of a dream about war and missiles for a pregnant woman

When a pregnant woman dreams of a war, it is interpreted as good news for having a healthy baby, with the mother overcoming the challenges she may face during pregnancy.

If she sees in her dream that missiles are falling around her without harming her, this indicates that the birth process will pass smoothly and without obstacles.

If she sees her partner engaging in a sword fight against her during the dream, it is believed that this indicates the arrival of a female baby.

However, if she sees herself fighting with swords in battle, it is expected that the next baby will be a male, God willing.

Interpretation of seeing war in a dream by Sheikh Nabulsi

The vision of war in a dream carries connotations indicated by Sheikh Nabulsi, as it expresses feelings of betrayal and treachery. If a person sees fighting and conflict between people in his dream, this reflects a state of economic difficulties and turbulent periods. On the other hand, salvation and the ability to escape from the tempests of war in a dream sends a message of security and safety from the fears that the dreamer suffers from.

When interpreting dreams of fighting, Al-Nabulsi explains that whoever finds himself defending the truth and resisting the people of injustice and oppression in his dream, this represents support and victory for the principles of justice and honoring his parents. Whereas, if a person sees himself fighting alongside those who work unjustly and feels a sense of belonging to them in a dream, this may express fears of deviation from the faith or a cessation of performing acts of worship.

Interpretation of a dream about war for a married woman

When a married woman dreams of wars, it usually shows signs of conflicts and problems within the family. If she participates in a war in a dream, this may indicate that she will find herself in difficult and embarrassing situations. Also, her dream of war may reflect anxiety about the possibility of her husband marrying another woman or the occurrence of severe disagreements between them.

If she sees a war taking place between two countries, this may indicate that there are disagreements between her family members or between her family and her husband’s family, or it may symbolize that she is oscillating between two difficult decisions that she feels internally. Seeing war in her country may express her fear of facing economic fluctuations, such as high prices, or major social problems.

In the case where she sees the death of one of her loved ones due to war in a dream, this can be interpreted as a move away from values ​​and traditions, and an excessive preoccupation with worldly matters at the expense of spiritual life. If she dreams of her death in war, it may indicate her loss in some competitive life situations or conflicts.

Interpretation of a dream about war with airplanes

When a scene of warplanes engaging in battles in the sky appears in dreams, this may express the presence of intense competition in the field of work or the person’s endeavor to improve his living conditions. A vision that includes planes fighting on the horizon may indicate facing great difficulties and challenges in order to obtain a position or promotion in the field of work. The appearance of planes waging war in dreams could be an indication of unrest and conflicts between political leaders and officials.

Participating in a fight with a warplane in a dream may mean a person’s desire to surpass his competitors and outperform them. Those who see themselves flying a warplane may be about to achieve their goals efficiently and quickly, or this may reflect their ability to overcome opponents in various disputes.

As for seeing planes bombing in a dream, it may symbolize facing adversity and challenges that seem to come suddenly and unexpectedly. People who find themselves in a dream surviving an aircraft attack may indicate their ability to successfully overcome adversity and difficulties.

War in a dream Fahd Al-Osaimi

If a person dreams that he is participating in a war and winning it, this is a positive message indicating strength and the ability to overcome the difficulties and problems he faces in his life, which will bring him happiness and psychological stability.

Seeing victory in a war dream also indicates that the dreamer will have great wealth and a prominent social status in the future.

For people who work in the field of trade, dreaming of war and winning it means that they will enter into very profitable projects that will bring them a lot of financial benefits and expansion of their business, which will lead to them feeling happy and satisfied.

Interpretation of a dream about winning a war

When a dream is seen winning a battle, this is considered a symbol of victory and personal ability. A person who dreams that he is victorious in a fierce battle has overcome a great ordeal in his life. Dreaming of victory for the just side in a battle expresses support for the oppressed and those who have the right. On the other hand, if the victory in the dream is for the unrighteous side, then this is an indication of injustice inflicted on people.

A person who sees in his dream that he is winning a battle against opponents will thus be saved from great suffering and misfortune, and if the victory in the dream is against relatives, this indicates reconciliation between people and a solution to differences.

Dreaming about leading a battle and winning it also expresses making sound decisions that positively affect work and personal life. Feeling happy about winning a battle in a dream symbolizes achieving success and a feeling of joy.

Interpretation of seeing the war ending in a dream for a man

When a married man dreams of the end of conflicts and wars, this expresses his overcoming difficulties, whether within the family or in his field of work. This type of dream may also reflect his retreat from radical decisions such as divorce or leaving a job. Achieving victory in a battle in a dream symbolizes reaching goals and fulfilling desires, while defeat may indicate feelings of failure and frustration.

Dreaming of settling disputes with relatives or friends represents the desire to end conflicts and restore harmony in relationships, and emphasizes the search for peace and mutual understanding.

In other words, dreams about the end of wars can be understood as internal messages urging the individual to search for peace and stability in various aspects of his life, whether personal or professional. In the end, interpretations of dreams remain multiple and vary depending on the context of the dream itself, the psychological state, and the dreamer’s life circumstances.

Seeing the end of the war in a dream for a pregnant woman

For a pregnant woman, a dream about the end of conflicts indicates the disappearance of the pain and difficulties she faces during pregnancy. One of the promising visions for a pregnant woman is to witness in her dream the clouds of great wars dissipating, as it is a sign of the approaching safe birth that she has long awaited after a period of arduous challenges. The dream of the end of the fighting between two countries carries good news for her and her fetus in safety and well-being. The dream of the end of conflicts within the country is also a symbol of its overcoming the health crisis it was suffering from.

If a pregnant woman sees in her dream that the war ended in victory, this is an indication of the birth of a child who will have a special status and importance in the future. Likewise, her vision of the joyful end of the war, with celebrations expressing joy and happiness at the arrival of the new, represents a reflection of the overwhelming feelings of joy and relief after long suffering that continued during pregnancy.

Interpretation of a dream about the end of war for a divorced woman

When a divorced woman dreams of the end of wars, this indicates turning the page of pain and troubles and beginning a new chapter filled with peace and reassurance. In a dream, if a woman sees the end of her conflict with people who are hostile towards her, this indicates that she will overcome the adversities and evils that she was facing. Dreaming about ending conflicts with the ex-husband is also considered a sign of ending previous disputes and tensions between them, while dreaming about ending war with family members expresses improvement and strengthening of family relationships.

If a divorced woman sees herself fleeing from war before it ends, this is an indication of her feeling of weakness and may be an indication of her giving up her rights. However, if the war ends with her victory, this symbolizes her regaining her rights and achieving personal victories after effort and hardship.

Dreaming about the end of the civil war carries good news of the possibility of reconciliation and restoring relations with the ex-husband, while dreaming about the end of tribal wars indicates overcoming great risks and avoiding conflicts that may threaten their peace and security.

Interpretation of seeing fighting in a dream

Dreams that contain scenes of conflict and fighting indicate the embodiment of the challenges and difficulties that a person may face in his life path. If a person faces combat in a dream and achieves victory, this reflects the predominance of justice and rightness in life situations. As for dreams that show defeat after fighting, they indicate the superiority of error and injustice in some situations. Dreams in which an individual is unable to fight show a feeling of weakness and loss of strength, while dreams in which an individual refuses to fight symbolize surrender and compromise.

When dreaming of fighting against animals, this indicates facing unbalanced challenges in life, such as fighting with a lion symbolizing confrontation with authority, and fighting with a tiger expresses a challenge with a person of authority or influence. Seeing a fight with dogs carries connotations of being betrayed by those close to you, while a fight with cats expresses the presence of dangers associated with magic and sorcery in real life.

Interpretation of a dream about fighting with the enemy

If a person sees in his dream that he is fighting a battle against an enemy, this may indicate the emergence of new confrontations or disagreements in his life. Winning this battle reflects achieving victories and overcoming difficulties, while losing expresses the dreamer going through a period of exhaustion or failure.

Seeing a person feeling afraid of confrontation with his enemy in a dream may mean that he is retracting a promise he made or reneging on a commitment to someone. Death during this battle also indicates the deterioration of the dreamer’s situation or corruption.

Another interpretation says that facing an enemy in a dream symbolizes the struggle against injustice and resistance to unjust or tyrannical people. Whoever sees himself fleeing from battle is usually evading facing challenges and difficulties in reality.

Interpretation of a dream about fighting with a stranger

In a dream, a conflict with an individual we do not know is an indication of falling into situations full of tension and problems. If a person dreams that he is fighting a sword fight against an unknown person, this could indicate arguments and heated discussions. Using a knife in a confrontation with an unknown person in a dream may reflect the intention to cause harm to people. As for fighting with a firearm against an unknown person in a dream, it symbolizes the use of words in a harmful manner.

The different outcomes of these encounters in dreams have their own connotations; Victory over a stranger heralds the achievement of goals and ambitions, while defeat expresses disappointment and loss of hope in achieving what one desires. Fighting in the streets indicates the challenges that the dreamer faces in his daily life, and fighting in the workplace suggests the presence of competition or rivalry in the professional environment.

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