The 20 most important interpretations of the dream of engagement in a dream by Ibn Sirin

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Dreams of Ibn Sirin
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Sermon in a dream

When a girl sees in her dream that she is preparing herself with fashion and jewelry in preparation for engagement, this suggests that her engagement or marriage is approaching in reality.

If a girl is seeking to get a job and sees in her dream that an engagement date has been set, this indicates that she is about to get the job she aspires to.

If a single woman sees in her dream that someone has proposed to her and set an engagement date, this indicates the possibility of her marrying someone for whom she has special feelings.

In the end, the vision of setting an engagement date in a dream symbolizes the goals and plans that the girl makes for her future, and the effort she makes to achieve those goals.

Approval of the sermon in a dream for a married woman

Interpretation of a dream about engagement by Ibn Sirin for a married woman

The scholar Ibn Sirin explains that a married woman’s vision of herself approaching the engagement in a dream is an indication that she will receive happy news and strengthen the affection between her and her husband.

If a married woman sees herself in an engagement accompanied by ululations, this scene does not bring good news, but rather portends sorrows.

In the case where a married woman finds herself engaged to a man who was good and died, this vision bodes well, indicating that she is going through a period filled with positivity and a good impact on her marital relationship.

However, if she sees that she is engaged to someone who was a lover in the past, the dream reflects her nostalgia for a past time and her longing to make a change in the course of her current life.

Interpretation of a dream about engagement by Ibn Sirin for a married man

When a person sees in his dream that he is getting married to a stranger, this may indicate radical changes in his life.

If a man sees that he is proposing to a woman who is not acceptable to him, this vision may reflect his feeling of pressure to agree to things that he is not comfortable with.

If he dreams that he is engaged to a beautiful woman whom he wants to marry, the dream can express the fulfillment of his wishes and ambitions in life.

On the other hand, if the woman in the dream has an undesirable appearance, this may portend challenges or unpleasant news in the future.

As for the interpretation of seeing a Jewish girl getting engaged in a dream, it may symbolize a feeling of remorse or guilt due to past actions.

Interpretation of a dream about getting engaged to a single person from someone you love

A single girl seeing her lover asking for her hand in marriage in a dream symbolizes positive turning points in their relationship, such as the development of the relationship and the possibility of marriage soon. Hearing good news from your lover may also be part of this dream.

If a girl sees her lover proposing to another woman in her dream, this may indicate new beginnings for her lover that may not only be within the emotional range, but may also include professional aspects or major transformations in his career. This dream may also reflect feelings of jealousy that a girl feels towards her loved one.

When a girl dreams that she is the one proposing to her partner, this is considered an excellent sign indicating support and success in her partner’s life. The dream may also symbolize the lover's desire to receive her support and encouragement to take a step towards engagement.

As for getting engaged to a person whom the girl actually loves but is unaware of her feelings, these dreams often reflect her deep desires and aspirations towards forming a mutual relationship that culminates in marriage.

Refusing engagement in a dream for single women

When a single girl dreams that she is being rejected from an engagement, this indicates that there are pressures or fears that are bothering her, and the dream may reflect her preoccupation with other priorities that may make the idea of ​​marriage and stability far from her mind at the moment. However, if the person proposing the proposal is known to the girl in reality, then her rejection of him in the dream may express real reservations about his personality or opinions.

In another context, if a girl sees that she is rejecting the proposal of a person for whom she has feelings in a dream, this may highlight feelings of anxiety about the future of the relationship or a warning that things may not go well between them.

As for dreams that revolve around being forced to get engaged, they may express the challenges that the girl faces in her surroundings, whether due to family or social pressures that urge her to make decisions that she may not be convinced of, which indicates a conflict between what is imposed and what she desires. truly.

Dreaming of an engagement dress in a dream for a single woman

When a single girl sees an engagement dress in her dream, this portends the approaching date of her wedding, and indicates that her future life partner will be a person of good standing and stable financial circumstances, especially if the dress is beautiful and attractive. While dreaming of a worn or old engagement dress expresses the possibility of a breakup or failure to complete the marriage step, it may also indicate that the person who will come to the engagement will not live up to expectations in terms of material or character.

The vision of choosing an engagement dress expresses that the girl is confused between two useful options or between suitors for marriage, but this confusion is often preceded by goodness and revolves around making the best decision. Also, trying on an engagement dress in a dream may promise a girl good news that she is close to fulfilling a long-awaited wish, provided that the dress is suitable and reflects the extent of its beauty and harmony with her.

Dreaming of a tight engagement dress indicates that she is facing pressures and troubles in her life, which may lead her into embarrassing or difficult situations.

Engagement rings in a dream for an unmarried woman

In a dream vision, the ring for a single girl indicates her readiness to move to a new stage associated with emotional connection and marriage. If she sees that she is trying on a specific ring, this may mean that the steps towards marriage are closer to being achieved.

On the other hand, if you dream of losing an engagement ring, this could express a missed marriage opportunity or an unfulfilled engagement pledge.

A ring made of gold is a very strong sign for a single girl that marriage is imminent, and in a year, gold is associated with abundant goodness and beauty. This vision is considered positive for women, while it may not be favorable for men.

As for a silver ring in a dream, it indicates a suitor who is distinguished by his religion and high morals. If a girl finds herself hesitating between choosing a gold or silver ring in her dream, this may reflect her hesitation between choosing between the applicant’s wealth or his morals.

What is the interpretation of a dream about engagement to a lover?

When a girl sees in her dream that she is living the moment of her engagement and is surrounded by many melodies and songs, this may indicate a period in which she will face hardships and troubles. For a single girl, if she dreams of her engagement without music, this could promise good news that she will soon marry someone who suits her. Seeing an engagement to someone you love in a dream reflects the positive transformations expected in the dreamer’s life. As for the dream about the end of the engagement, it may reveal the presence of people with bad intentions towards the dreamer.

Interpretation of a dream about betrothal It was not done in a dream

When an unmarried girl dreams that she is being forced into a relationship, this indicates that there are many problems that she may face in the near future. If she sees in her dream that she is rejecting someone who proposes to her, this foretells that she will go through a period characterized by challenges and psychological pressure. However, if she sees her engagement ending or being canceled in a dream, this reflects the feeling of fear and anxiety that dominates that period of her life. For a married woman, if she dreams that her engagement is not completed, this is an indication that she will receive unwelcome news in the coming days.

Interpretation of a dream about an engagement party for a single woman

When a girl dreams that she is among the guests of an engagement party, this indicates that she socializes and exchanges opinions with others with admiration. If the engagement atmosphere in the dream is devoid of dancing and songs, then this is considered a sign of goodness. While seeing an engagement accompanied by singing and dancing in the dream of a girl who has not yet married indicates exposure to difficult events or loss.

If a girl sees in her dream that she is running away from an engagement, this may express her dissatisfaction with the current situation, or express her acceptance of someone who is not of her choice for various motives, also indicating her fear and anxiety about obligations and the idea of ​​remaining without marriage.

Dreaming of an engagement party but without the presence of the groom symbolizes the excellence and success of the girl in her professional and personal life, but it may also suggest that her marriage date will be delayed as a result of her preoccupation with other matters. He stresses that the absence of the groom in the dream should not be a source of worry or inconvenience for her.

Interpretation of a dream about betrothal from a specific person

When young men or women dream of themselves attending an engagement party, this is considered good news for them that difficulties will end and dreams will become a tangible reality.

Participating in dancing or singing during an engagement party in a dream may portend facing periods of gloom and sadness in the near future.

If a girl sees in her dream that she is getting engaged to someone whom she does not find acceptable, this may reflect that she will receive disturbing news that will bring her grief.

Whereas if the engagement in the dream is from someone she is comfortable with and feels happy about this agreement, this is an indication of the fulfillment of wishes and an increase in happiness in her real life.

What is the interpretation of a dream about my girlfriend's engagement?

When a person witnesses in his dream an engagement celebration for a friend of his who has not yet married, this may be good news that her joy in marriage is near.

If it appears in the dream that the same person and his girlfriend are getting engaged at the same time, this can be interpreted as an indication that their marriage may coincide in real life.

Seeing a single friend’s engagement in a dream, and the celebration was devoid of music, is an indication of the joy and pleasure that will soon flood her life.

However, if it is observed in the dream that the friend is wearing a white gold engagement ring, this indicates that she will soon marry a person who has good morals and a good reputation.

Interpretation of a dream about my friend’s engagement to a man

If a young man is single and dreams of a girlfriend, this expresses his desire to have a relationship with her.

A person's dream that his friend is getting engaged reflects longing for this friend.

When a person dreams of getting engaged to a friend who is older than him, this indicates his deep appreciation and respect for her.

A person dreams that his girlfriend is getting engaged and appears happy in the dream, foretells that she will live a happy love story soon.

What does it mean to see an engagement in a dream for a divorced woman?

In dreams, engagement for a woman who has gone through a divorce indicates a new phase of life. When a divorced woman dreams of her engagement to a man other than her ex-husband, this expresses a final break with her past. As for the dream of her engagement to her ex-husband, it reflects a desire to reconsider some previous decisions. Engagement with someone she does not know: A divorced woman in a dream may symbolize new opportunities at work.

Finding an engagement ring in a divorced woman’s dream indicates discovering new opportunities for livelihood. As for wearing an engagement dress, it indicates the approaching date of a new marriage.

While the dream of breaking off an engagement indicates retracting the decision she was seeking, rejecting the engagement in the dream expresses an unwillingness to enter into a new marriage relationship.

Interpretation of a non-Muslim woman’s engagement in a dream

If a person sees in his dream that he is proposing to marry a Jewish woman, this may reflect a tendency towards engaging in matters that bring sins and are full of errors. If he dreams that he wants to marry a Christian woman, this may indicate that he is drifting toward matters that lead to temptation and are based on falsehood. However, if he dreams that he is marrying a Magi woman, this indicates that he may participate in actions that are far removed from religion or include committing grave sinful acts.

Interpretation of a dream about my sister's engagement

If a girl dreams that her sister is getting engaged, this indicates the arrival of joy and beautiful occasions that will fill their lives. This vision bodes well and invites her to feel hopeful and happy with her sister.

On the other hand, some interpretive scholars believe that seeing a sister’s engagement accompanied by dancing and singing in a dream may reflect that the dreamer is going through difficult times and painful experiences that she may find difficult to overcome, forcing her to make a lot of effort to overcome this stage.

What is the interpretation of seeing my daughter's engagement in a dream?

Dream interpretations indicate that seeing a girl getting engaged in a dream carries multiple positive connotations. If a girl appears in a dream while she is engaged, this expresses the purity of her conduct and people’s love for her. For a girl student, this vision represents good news of success and excellence in her studies and educational future. For a girl who is experiencing an engagement period in reality, it may indicate that her wedding date is near.

When she dreams of her married daughter getting engaged to a man she does not find attractive, this could mean that there are some difficulties and problems in her married life. On the other hand, if the daughter is wearing a new dress in the engagement dream, this could indicate news of an upcoming pregnancy soon.

As for seeing a pregnant daughter’s engagement in a dream, it is a good sign that heralds joy, happiness, and stability in family life, in addition to an easy birth and getting rid of difficulties. If the daughter is in the early stages of pregnancy, the dream may indicate that she will give birth to a girl.

Interpretation of a dream about the engagement of a single person from an unknown person

The interpretation of the vision of marriage or engagement for a single girl to someone she does not know in a dream indicates her deep desire to get engaged and start a new chapter in her life. If the girl feels accepted by this mysterious person, this may indicate that this wish will soon come true in reality.

In a similar context, if the unknown person appears in the dream driving a horse or owning a luxury car and proposing marriage, this foretells that there is a person with a high social status and a respectable position who may appear in the girl’s life. This type of dream may also reflect the girl’s interest in deep intellectual ideas or her influence by the guidance of a wise person whom she appreciates.

On the other hand, if a girl dreams that she is forced to get engaged to an unknown person and the engagement has already taken place, the dream can carry unexpected positive meanings. It may indicate that the girl will obtain benefits and good things from experiences that were not initially desired. However, if the girl continues to reject this relationship in the dream, this may mean that she is missing valuable opportunities that could have changed the course of her life, whether in the field of work or study.

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