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Dreams of Ibn Sirin
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Dream of illness and death

Analysis of the vision of death for a sick person in dreams represents an interesting topic in the world of dream interpretation, whether it is for single individuals, married people, pregnant women, children, men, or divorced women. There is no doubt that a sick person may find himself thinking about death more because of his apparent closeness to this last reality, in addition to feeling the restrictions imposed on him as a result of the disease that prevent him from enjoying the quality of life of eating, drinking, or going out for entertainment.

When we turn to prominent dream interpretation scholars such as Al-Usaimi, Ibn Sirin, Ibn Kathir, Al-Nabulsi, Ibn Shaheen, and Imam Al-Sadiq, we find a rich heritage that provides us with a deep understanding of these visions that the patient may have.

Illness in dreams is considered a symbol of the challenges and obstacles that an individual faces in his life. Hence, a dream about death may symbolize the person’s desire to get rid of these difficulties or get rid of them. In a way, these dreams may be an expression of the desire for a new beginning or transformation in one's life, and not necessarily a bad omen or indication of an imminent end.

Interpretation of a dream about illness for single women

Dream of illness

In dream interpretation, illness is viewed from a perspective that is very different from the prevailing understanding. Instead of considering it a bad omen or an indication of the dreamer's actual poor health, many dream interpreters confirm that this vision may carry within it completely positive connotations. It is believed that seeing illness in a dream may indicate strength and health of the body rather than the opposite.

Moreover, it expresses a point of view that a dream about illness may reflect the dreamer's real life, which may be full of hypocrisy and hypocrisy, whether it comes from his surrounding environment or stems from his actions. These dreams can also embody doubts and questions towards certain people or situations in life.

However, Khaled Saif, one of the dream interpreters, points out that the accurate interpretation of seeing illness in a dream depends largely on the details of the dream itself. The identity of the patient within the dream, the type of illness, and how it affects the daily life of the person in the dream must be contemplated. The dynamics of the dream, from work being hindered due to illness to seeing others suffering or even changes in condition due to treatment, all contribute to determining the correct interpretation.

Interpretation of a dream about a serious illness

Modern interpretations of dreams involving serious illnesses show a diversity of interpretations among scholars. Some experts in dream interpretation believe that dreaming of serious illnesses may reflect a cohesive and strong physical condition for the dreamer, while for others it indicates the presence of feelings of inauthenticity and pretense in the person’s social circle, or it may even be an indication of difficult tests in life that the individual will have to face.

The interpretation of seeing serious illnesses also touches on the concept of healing and recovery. If the dreamer is facing health problems and dreams of illness, this may mean a shift for the better and his ability to overcome hardships, God willing. The symbolism of death in these dreams may suggest that the dreamer moves to a new, happier and more comfortable stage in his life.

In the context of cancer, the intense anxiety and tension that an individual may feel when thinking about this disease or even when there are fears of being betrayed or hypocritical by someone close is evident. Seeing cancer in a dream calls for contemplation of the dreamer's personal life and re-evaluation of the balance of priorities.

In addition, the interpretation of a dream about having cancer is considered an indication of order and calm in an individual’s life, indicating good health and the ability to face future challenges with steadfastness.

Interpretation of a dream about illness for the dead

When a deceased person appears in a dream suffering from illness, the interpretation of this vision varies according to several contexts and personal relationships. If the deceased person in the dream was known to the dreamer and was suffering from an illness, this could indicate that the dreamer owes this person a moral or material debt that he must strive to repay. If the dead person is unknown to the dreamer and appears ill, this may reflect the dreamer’s personal fears of facing financial hardship or abandoning some beliefs.

Seeing a dead person with a sick head in particular indicates deficiencies in family relationships, especially with parents, and calls on the dreamer to re-evaluate and improve those relationships. For a married woman, if she sees a sick deceased person in a dream, this could indicate the need to pay more attention to her duties and responsibilities within marriage.

As for a pregnant woman who sees a deceased person suffering from illness in her dream, this is a positive sign that carries good news of the nearness of relief, goodness, and livelihood. If the deceased was a relative of the pregnant woman, such as her paternal uncle or paternal uncle, then the vision increases positivity with news of the possibility of the arrival of a male baby.

Interpretation of liver disease in a dream

In dream interpretation, seeing liver disease is seen to have several meanings related to different aspects of life, often indicating difficult experiences or complex inner feelings. For example, the appearance of signs of liver disease in a dream may be interpreted as an indication of challenges and burdens related to family members, especially children. This type of dream may reflect deep anxiety and obsessions that affect the psychological state of the individual.

On the other hand, liver disease in a dream is considered a symbol of feeling severe psychological pressure and a feeling of oppression, which reflects periods of emotional tension and exhaustion. In some interpretations, it is seen as a warning of a painful farewell or separation that the individual is afraid to face.

Besides, other connotations of liver disease in dreams are related to the financial and emotional reality of the individual. Some commentators, such as Ibn Sirin, also state that severe cases of liver disease may indicate profound loss, such as the loss of children. According to Al-Nabulsi, the liver can also symbolize hoarded wealth, as he links the emergence of the liver from the stomach in a dream to the manifestation of hidden money.

Interpretation of a dream about cancer in a dream

In the interpretation of dreams, a vision of cancer may carry multiple connotations. This type of dream may highlight the feelings of anxiety and turmoil that the individual experiences in his daily life, indicating a state of fear or tension that the dreamer is experiencing. According to some interpretations, cancer in a dream can also indicate dereliction of religious duties.

Having problems at work or difficult experiences in personal life may be related to seeing cancer in dreams. On the other hand, when seeing another person suffering from cancer, the vision may reflect the dreamer’s fears that this person is actually suffering or facing difficult challenges.

Specifying the type of cancer in a dream may provide more specific connotations. For example, leukemia may symbolize issues related to illegal money, while lung cancer may indicate the dreamer's remorse for a certain sin. Seeing head cancer reflects major challenges that may face the family leader or serious health problems. For a man, seeing breast cancer may indicate a disease affecting one of the women in his family. As for women, this vision may carry warnings or indications of challenging situations.

Regarding skin cancer, the vision could be an indication that the dreamer's secrets will be revealed or he will fall into financial difficulty. It is worth noting that dreams that include cancer for someone who is already known to be sick may not have the same significance as other dreams.

Interpretation of seeing someone I know sick in a dream

Sheikh Al-Nabulsi explains in his interpretation of dreams about illness that if a person sees in his dream someone he knows suffering from illness, then this dream may reflect the reality of this person’s actual condition. Whereas if the sick person in the dream is an unknown person, the interpretation of the dream is related to the dreamer himself, indicating the possibility of him being infected with a disease. The Sheikh believes that the appearance of an unknown, sick woman in a dream may indicate that difficulties and obstacles are encountered in the life of the dreamer.

When the dream relates to the father’s illness, Sheikh Nabulsi considers this an indication that the dreamer is suffering from a health problem related to the head, given the father’s representation of the head in dreams. As for the mother’s illness in a dream, it indicates that the dreamer is going through a difficult period in general. A brother’s illness in a dream also symbolizes a feeling of loss of support and assistance, a husband’s illness indicates coldness and harshness of feelings, while a son’s illness expresses the possibility of separation from him for various reasons, such as travel.

In addition, seeing an unknown person suffering from an illness in a dream is considered a symbol of illness in reality. If this person is recovering from his illness in the dream, this could be considered an indication of an improvement in the dreamer’s own health. On the other hand, if the illness is serious, this may foretell losses, whether material, in power or health.

Interpretation of illness in a dream according to Ibn Sirin

• In the world of dream interpretation, illness in a dream carries surprising connotations that may contradict common perceptions.
• Many people associate seeing illness in a dream with predicting illness in reality, but dream interpretation experts offer a completely different vision.
• They consider that seeing illness in a dream may indicate wellness and body strength, and it is not always a negative sign as some people think.
• In this context, the interpreter Khaled Saif points out that the interpretation of illness in dreams varies depending on the details surrounding the situation.
• Illness may appear in multiple forms in a dream, from feeling anxious about the illness to seeing others suffering from it.
For his part, Ibn Sirin offers an optimistic interpretation of seeing illness in a dream.
• It is believed that if a person dreams that he is sick, this is an indication that worries and troubles will disappear and the situation will turn into something better and better.

Interpretation of a serious illness in a dream

In the language of dreams, the appearance of diseases may carry interesting connotations that foretell future developments in the dreamer's life. For example, seeing serious illnesses in a dream may express the possibility of financial gain or good luck in the coming times. On the other hand, seeing a fever in a dream is an indication of the possibility of marrying a very beautiful person in the future.

If measles appears in a person’s dream, this may mean his marriage to a woman of high social status, who may be a strong support for him in achieving success. Moreover, seeing cancer indicates stability and health of the mind and heart, pointing to the quality of the individual’s mental and emotional state.

Sometimes, seeing infectious diseases may indicate the nearness of marriage or entering into a marital relationship, which means that the dreamer will marry his life partner in the near future. On the other hand, seeing skin diseases suggests an upcoming trip, while seeing eye diseases is a harbinger of potential success in a particular field.

Interpretations of seeing someone I know sick

In the interpretation of dreams, visions related to illness carry various meanings and connotations that go beyond the apparent. When a person witnesses in his dream someone suffering from a serious illness such as cancer, this may be interpreted as a sign of achieving intellectual maturity and obtaining good health and future wellness. Skin diseases in a dream, in turn, may symbolize major transformations in the work environment or moving to a new place, and may carry with them opportunities for success and earning a living, but they also carry warnings of financial losses or exposure to fraud.

Seeing a person suffering from a severe illness that cannot be treated indicates a change in the situation from difficulties to joy and comfort, and gaining health and well-being after a period of suffering. While seeing a sick relative in a dream indicates going through a severe psychological crisis that may lead to depression and isolation.

If a person sees in his dream that someone dear to him is suffering from a painful organic disease, this may foretell the loss of a loved one or the loss of something very valuable to the dreamer.

Seeing a sick person in a dream for single women

If a single girl dreams that someone close to her suffers from a skin disease that affects her, this may indicate that a person with a not-so-good reputation has recently proposed to her. If you dream of a close person suffering from itchy skin, this could express the arrival of abundant livelihood for this person and the possibility of his marriage in the future.

If a girl sees herself sick in a dream, this may reflect her expectations of dissatisfaction with her future marriage and the presence of many challenges and problems in it. On the other hand, if she dreams that she is visiting a sick person and helping him recover, this indicates strong feelings of love and willingness to sacrifice for this person.

If the dream is about someone suffering from a serious illness that prevents them from being able to move, it may reflect the end of an important relationship you had with this person and the profound impact this separation had on them.

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