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dream of death

The connotations of seeing death in dreams vary depending on who appears in the dream. When a person dreams that he died without suffering from illnesses, this may reflect expectations of a long life. As for dreams that include death accompanied by pain and crying, they indicate an upcoming difficult stage in the dreamer’s life. Seeing the death of a person in a state of hostility with the dreamer expresses expectations that the rivalry between them will disappear.

Sometimes seeing someone die and then live again carries a message about repentance and turning away from sin. If a person finds himself dying naked in a dream, it can be interpreted as an indication of future financial losses. While dreams of the death of scholars or important figures are seen as a warning of the occurrence of large-scale misfortunes.

If a person dreams of the death of a close friend, it may be an indication of the depth of the relationship and affection between them. If the dreamer is overwhelmed with sadness in the dream over the death of a friend, it can be interpreted as good news that worries will disappear. Hearing the news of the death of a friend in a dream may herald good news to come. Likewise, heralding happy occasions may also come through seeing the death of a relative.

1 - Interpretation of dreams

Interpretation of seeing death in a dream by Ibn Sirin

Interpretations of dreams about death offer a wide range of different meanings and connotations, and these interpretations are considered a reflection of the psychological state and circumstances surrounding the individual. Within this context, the famous commentator Ibn Sirin offers multiple visions to interpret visions of death in dreams, indicating that death may carry with it connotations far removed from tragic endings.

In our dreams, death may refer to secrets that the dreamer keeps, or reflect his desire to distance himself from the people closest to him due to certain disagreements and problems. Sometimes, a dream about death can stem from the psychological tensions and pressures that an individual is experiencing, coloring his or her dream experience with shades of gloom.

Visions of death in dreams also indicate the end of certain stages or relationships in the dreamer's life, and the transition to new beginnings. For example, death in divorced women symbolizes passing the stage of sadness and anxiety, while death in a pregnant woman’s dream can reflect her overcoming the challenges of pregnancy and childbirth. For young men, death in a dream may be an indication of the approaching of a new stage such as marriage.

In addition, death in the dreams of those suffering from debt or financial difficulties shows their ability to overcome these challenges in the near future. From another perspective, death can be interpreted as a sign of failure to achieve goals in some cases.

The connotations of death in dreams vary depending on the context and details of the dream. Ibn Sirin explains that death for an expatriate or traveler can symbolize a return home. On the other hand, death in a pregnant woman’s dream in the first months may indicate that the pregnancy will not be completed.

Interpretation of seeing death and crying in a dream

In the interpretation of dreams, seeing death and crying carry multiple connotations that reflect different psychological states. When a person dreams that he is watching death and crying, this is often interpreted as an expression of the individual's feeling of remorse and fear as a result of actions he has committed that he considers wrong. In another context, if crying in a dream is devoid of sound, it is seen as a symbol of repentance and salvation from the difficulties and problems that the individual is going through.

On the other hand, if a person sees in his dream that he is dying accompanied by intense crying and lamentation, this may indicate that he will fall into a great calamity. While a person seeing himself crying when the moment of his death approaches in a dream is considered an indication of sadness in reality due to a loss related to something unlawful.

Also, seeing people crying over the dreamer in a dream indicates that he may be going through a difficult period during which he will face great challenges. On the other hand, seeing a person die laughing in a dream may indicate his marriage or obtaining great goodness and benefit, but on the condition that the laughter is not accompanied by noise or giggling. If a person dreams that he is dead and people around him are laughing, this may reflect that he is being subjected to injustice and humiliation.

The meaning of seeing death and returning to life in a dream

Dream interpretation often presents complex visions with diverse interpretations. Among these dreams, the dream of death and returning to life stands out as a symbol of renewal and change in the dreamer’s life. This type of dream can indicate a transitional stage, where a person abandons his negative habits or follows the path of repentance and reform. This dream often reflects the desire to get rid of psychological or intellectual burdens, and paves the way for a period of relief and getting rid of worries.

In this context, death and return to life symbolizes a re-evaluation and a new outlook on things, such as giving up harmful practices or returning to practicing religious rituals such as prayer. It brings good news to those who are going through difficult times, confirming the possibility of surviving and getting out of difficulties, whether these crises are material, such as debt, or moral, such as feelings of frustration and despair.

Interpreters such as Ibn Shaheen al-Zahiri and Sheikh al-Nabulsi offer optimistic visions about this type of dream, suggesting that it may mean repentance, wealth after poverty, or return from a long journey. They also interpret that living after death in a dream may be an indication that one will overcome difficult circumstances or even escape from unjust charges.

By highlighting these interpretations, the dream of death and returning to life can be understood as an invitation to contemplate and reconsider the dreamer’s personal life. This dream shows the importance of preparing for change and accepting the idea of ​​rising again after every difficult experience, emphasizing the hope of renewal and opening a new page in life.

Interpretation of a dream about death in a man’s dream

• In the interpretation of dreams, seeing death carries many different meanings depending on what the dreamer sees.
• The death of a father in a dream is interpreted as good news of a long life full of livelihood and benefits that will come soon.
• While seeing the death of one’s mother indicates an increase in faith and piety.
• When a person sees the death of his sister in his dream, this is considered an indication of the coming of times full of happiness and celebration.
• On the other hand, seeing the death of a relative in a context devoid of traditional manifestations of grief such as mourning or a funeral, shows an alert that periods of enduring challenges are approaching, whether illness, conflicts, or even separation in relationships.

Interpretation of a dream about death in a single woman’s dream

In the world of dreams, seeing death carries multiple meanings and connotations that vary depending on the context and details of the dream. For a single girl, seeing the death of someone known and close to her, if this vision is free of scenes of sadness and crying, may indicate positive changes in her personal life, such as the approaching date of her wedding.

If a girl dreams that she is the one dying in the dream, without being buried, this could symbolize the beginning of a new phase full of happiness and comfort in her life. These visions do not express the end of actual life, but rather the end of an era to begin another, brighter and more joyful one.

On the other hand, if a girl sees that her fiancé has died in a dream, this may be an indication that their wedding date is approaching. These dreams do not portend sorrow, but rather express the aspiration toward new beginnings that bring with them joy and optimism.

Interpretation of a dream about death in a married woman’s dream

In the interpretation of dreams for married women, seeing death indicates the possibility of happy events occurring in their lives, especially if the person who appears in the dream as dead is known to the dreamer, whether she knows him well or not.

On the other hand, if a married woman sees in her dream her husband’s death without burial, this could carry positive meanings, such as the possibility of a pregnancy soon for her.

Interpretation of a dream about death news in a dream

If someone sees in his dream the news of the death of someone he knows, whether this person is known to him closely or remotely, in daily life, this often arouses strong negative feelings within him. This is very different from the effects of similar news in reality. In dreams, the news of someone's death often indicates important changes and new events coming in the dreamer's life, which may be positive or negative.

For example, seeing news of the death of a friend in a dream may be a symbol of upcoming difficulties and challenges. While seeing the death of a person towards whom the dreamer has negative feelings may indicate the end of conflicts or disagreements between them.

On the other hand, seeing an obituary page in a dream is considered good news, as it portends the beginning of a new and hopeful stage in the dreamer’s life, whether that is a change in marital life for the better, obtaining a distinguished job, or achieving remarkable success.

Interpretation of a dream about death with a vision of burial and funeral in a dream

In interpretations of dreams on the subject of death, according to Ibn Sirin, death in a dream is considered an indication of multiple situations related to religion and the world. For example, dreaming of death with details such as washing, shrouding, burial, and funeral ceremonies indicates that the dreamer lives in a state of stability in his worldly life but may be falling short in aspects of his religion.

In Al-Nabulsi’s interpretation, a dream that includes death with crying and a funeral shows that the dreamer lives in a space of worldly life but at the expense of his religion, in contrast to the situation that does not include crying and a funeral in the dream, which may indicate longevity but with a decrease in religious awareness.

On the other hand, Al-Nabulsi believes that dreaming of death and not being buried, especially if people are carrying the dreamer on their shoulders, can be an indication of victory over enemies and is good news for the dreamer.

Interpretation of a dream about the death of a living person I know by Ibn Sirin

Seeing death in dreams may arouse feelings of anxiety and tension in the dreamer, especially if the deceased was a person still alive and held a special place in the dreamer’s life. According to the visions and interpretations of Ibn Sirin, a dream about the death of a living person known to the dreamer is interpreted as a symbol of transformations and new stages in this person’s life. This vision can represent a variety of changes in the personal dimensions of the person concerned, which may include professional, emotional or social life.

In some contexts, a dream about the death of someone you know may be an indication of a period of difficulties and challenges that this person will face, or perhaps evidence that the dreamer feels sad and anxious about this person’s future. It is also believed that these dreams may express the end of a certain stage in life, such as the end of a long-term romantic relationship or friendship, and the beginning of a new stage.

Interpretation of a dream about the death of a living person I know for a single woman

Seeing the death of a living person in a single girl’s dream can carry different meanings and connotations according to several interpretations. These dreams may not necessarily foretell future events, but rather reflect more the psychological and emotional state that the girl is going through.

First, this dream may express the girl’s internal fears of losing people whom she holds especially dear, whether they are close friends or family members.

Secondly, in another aspect, this type of dream can symbolize a new beginning and future positive changes in a girl’s life. She may face radical transformations that will take her from one stage to another in a way that enhances her personal and professional position.

Thirdly, this vision may also reflect the girl’s feeling of anxiety about loneliness and fear of losing emotional and moral support from people close to her.

Fourth, the dream can be interpreted as an indication of the girl’s progress and advancement in her field of work or study, as it indicates tangible successes and achievements in the near future.

If a girl is crying over the deceased in the dream, this may indicate a period of challenges and difficulties that she may face, but with patience and determination she will be able to overcome them.

The dreamer's vision of himself in the grave

If a person sees himself standing on a grave in a dream, this may express that the dreamer is involved in a certain sin without seeking repentance. While circumambulating the grave may reflect bankruptcy or financial problems that the person may face in his life.

On the other hand, if a person sees himself dead and alive in a dream, this may indicate the coming improvement in his life after a period of problems. The dream may express a change from a state of hardship to ease.

Seeing dead relatives in a dream rejoicing may be an indication of their good condition with God and His forgiveness of their sins. On the other hand, if the dead are not happy, this may be evidence of God holding them accountable for their actions in this life.

Seeing graves exposed to rain in a dream could be a symbol of God’s mercy and forgiveness for the people of those graves. Regarding seeing graves in an unknown place, it may indicate that the dreamer is dealing with a hypocritical person in his life. However, if a person sees himself digging a grave for himself, this may mean improving his personal circumstances, such as building a new home or moving to a new stage in life.

Interpretation of a dream about the death of relatives

When a person dreams of the death of a family member who is still alive, this dream can carry different meanings and messages. Dreams that include seeing a living relative die may be an expression of positive expectations such as longevity for that person.

Sometimes, if it appears in a dream that a living person died and then came back to life, this may reflect spiritual or psychological changes in the dreamer, such as turning away from mistakes and returning to what is right. On the other hand, dreaming of the death of a sick person may herald recovery and improved health.

Dreams that carry news of the death of living people in reality may depict the difficulties and challenges that these people or the dreamer himself is going through. For example, dreaming of the death of a son may symbolize overcoming obstacles and enemies, while dreaming of the death of a daughter may express a feeling of despair or anxiety.

Interpretation of the death of a dead person in a dream

If a person who has already died appears in our dreams dying again, the connotations behind this vision may be varied depending on the details of the dream.

If a person dreams of the death of an actual dead person and this death is accompanied by crying without screaming or wailing, this is interpreted as good news of a marriage in the family of the deceased. This may mean the marriage of one of the deceased's descendants, including the dreamer himself if he is a descendant of the deceased. It is believed that this type of crying in a dream heralds the elimination of worries, recovery from diseases, and the disappearance of sadness for the dreamer.

On the other hand, if crying is accompanied by screaming, this is seen as a negative sign. This is interpreted as meaning the death of a member of the deceased’s family, or indicating a misfortune or financial problems affecting the family.

In another scenario, if a person dies a second time in a dream and this is not accompanied by any of the usual manifestations of grief, such as funerals or shrouds, then this vision may indicate changes in the house or real estate belonging to the deceased or his family, such as demolition, rebuilding, or renovation.

If a person dreams of a dead person being buried without seeing any of the traditional burial ceremonies or having a funeral, it is interpreted that the place where the deceased lived may be left empty and will not be rebuilt, unless other people inhabit it later.

Interpretation of the death of a person in a dream by Nabulsi

Al-Nabulsi and Ibn Sirin emphasize certain connotations of seeing death in dreams. When seeing an individual dying surrounded by signs of death, this may express that the person has committed sins and sins, calling for remorse and return to righteousness. On the other hand, if someone sees himself dying and then coming back to life, this often indicates that he has given up his sins and repented. B

While seeing the death of a sister in a dream carries good news of hearing joyful news in the near future. If you see the death of an enemy, this may mean reconciliation between the two parties and the return of good relations between them.

Visions of funerals and prayers for the dead

Watching a funeral in a dream may indicate the formation of strong moral connections with people who share your faith, as this is due to brotherhood and interconnectedness in spiritual transcendence.
Carrying a funeral may symbolize opportunities to benefit from a relationship with a person of influence and wealth. If you find yourself being carried with reverence on the shoulders of men in a funeral ceremony, this may foretell that you will achieve a prestigious position and power beyond your expectations, as honoring or praying for you following your death in a dream is a lifeline for your reputation.
Seeing a funeral suggests your tendency toward engaging with a leadership that has deficiencies in doctrine.

Seeing a funeral in the market indicates that there is deception and hypocrisy in that environment. A funeral heading towards the known cemeteries indicates that rights have been achieved and returned to their owners. A funeral floating in the sky expresses the loss of a prominent and important figure in your community or world.
A large number of funerals in one place portends the deviance of the people of that place, while a woman seeing herself in this situation may portend major changes in her personal life. Carrying a dead person may highlight your acquisition of money illegally. Dragging the dead person on the ground may be a sign of questionable financial gain.
Praying for the dead emphasizes the importance of praying and seeking forgiveness for the loss, especially if you are in a leadership position during the prayer, which may indicate that you bear a spiritual or administrative responsibility based on a decision from the highest authorities.

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