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Dreams of Ibn Sirin
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Drowning dream interpretation

Dream interpretations explain that seeing oneself drowning and then floating on the surface of the water in a dream may symbolize achieving a prominent position or reaching a major position, especially if the diving trip and returning to the surface is clear in the dream.

As for people who are not yet married and have a sincere intention towards a specific person with the intention of getting married and they see in a dream that they are drowning, this may promise good news that foretells the success of that relationship and the achievement of shared happiness, provided that the water in the dream is pure and blue, far from black water and facing predatory fish. Which gives the vision a positive connotation.

Interpretation of a dream about drowning by Ibn Sirin

According to Ibn Sirin’s interpretation, dreaming of drowning in the sea carries various connotations, as it symbolizes the sea as a dominant force and a source of life, money, and wealth. When a person sees himself drowning in the sea, this indicates that he is immersed in the richness of worldly life and immersed in earning money and enjoying his pleasures, as this drowning heralds a life filled with goodness and bliss. Whereas if a person sees himself dying in a dream as a result of drowning, this vision expresses a warning against getting too involved in amusement and pleasures in a way that may lead to deviation and committing sins.

Interpretation of a dream about drowning in the pool and then surviving

Interpretation of a dream about drowning for single women

If a single girl sees herself drowning in a dream, this can be interpreted with multiple meanings depending on the details of the dream. If the water in which she is drowning is clear and calm without strong waves, this may indicate that she will soon have a successful and happy marriage.

However, if she sees herself falling into the sea and feels pleasure in that, and she manages to catch a fish before it comes out of the sea without fear, then this is a sign of abundant goodness and the achievement of the desired goals soon. On the other hand, if she was drowning and saw her brother saving her from this situation, this expresses his strong support for her and his presence by her side in difficult times.

Interpretation of a dream about drowning for a married woman

In the interpretation of a married woman’s dreams, a vision of drowning often carries deep connotations related to different aspects of her life. If a woman finds herself drowning in a dream, this may indicate that there are pressures and problems standing in her way, or perhaps an expression of her feeling of sadness for not handling daily responsibilities as required. This vision may serve as a warning to her about the need to pay attention to the family’s financial affairs, especially if they are characterized by excessive spending. To avoid facing financial hardship.

On the other hand, seeing yourself drowning in rainwater may be an indication of blessing and increased livelihood that will come to the dreamer’s life. While drowning in a river could reflect a state of instability or changes in her life. As for drowning in the sea, it may express the suffering and difficulties surrounding her daily life.

Drowning in fresh water carries with it good omens of an increase in money and an improvement in the dreamer’s financial conditions. However, if she sees that she is drowning in sewage, this may express a warning against committing sins and transgressions.

As for a mother seeing that one of her children is drowning, this is a strong sign that urges her to pay attention to raising her children and try to fix what may have been corrupted in them. If she sees that she is saving him from drowning, this reflects her positive role in her children’s lives and her care for them.

If the dreamer witnesses her husband drowning in a dream, this may indicate financial distress or debts burdening the husband. If she sees that she is saving him from drowning, this is an indication of her support for him in overcoming this crisis and overcoming the difficulties together.

Interpretation of a dream about drowning for a pregnant woman

In dream interpretation, seeing a pregnant woman drowning in the sea has several interpretations. This vision could be an indication of the physical pain and challenges that a woman faces during pregnancy. If she is completely immersed in the dream, this may be interpreted as witnessing increasing difficulties and troubles in reality. It is also believed that there is a connection between such dreams and the birth process, where things are likely to become more complicated and the woman is more vulnerable to hardships.

A woman drowning in the sea may be seen as a symbol of her pregnancy with a boy who will have a bright future and contribute positively to society. This type of dream represents an expectation of growth and superiority. On the other hand, it is believed that surviving drowning in a dream reflects a smooth and safe transition through the birth process, with emphasis on the health and safety of the fetus.

If a woman sees in her dream that she is drowning in a river and her mother is able to save her, this is considered a symbol of the valuable advice and guidance that the mother provides. This vision indicates the importance of listening to these tips and acting on them to achieve success and prosperity in life.

Interpretation of a dream about drowning for a divorced woman

In dream interpretation, a divorced woman seeing herself drowning in the sea may have different meanings based on the details of the dream. If she sees drowning without achieving survival, this may indicate the difficulties and pain she is experiencing in her life. On the other hand, if she sees herself drowning and then surviving, this is a sign of overcoming problems and achieving salvation from the worries she faces.

Seeing fish while drowning in a dream indicates goodness and livelihood coming to them, which is considered good news of blessings and success. If she witnesses drowning in high waves in her dream, this expresses the negative feelings and sadness that may flood her life.

It is also worth noting that the vision of self-survival from drowning represents an expected positive change in the life of a divorced woman, as this vision may be interpreted as liberation from the past and a new beginning filled with hope and happiness. This may indicate the possibility of bringing her together with her ex-husband in a state of harmony and affection.

In the same context, if a woman carries the worries of debt and sees herself escaping from drowning in a dream, this may foretell her ability to overcome financial pressures and pay off her debts. On the other hand, if she cannot survive drowning, this may be seen as a warning that there are obstacles or enemies in her life that may cause trouble for her.

Interpretation of a dream about drowning for a man

Ibn Shaheen points out that seeing drowning in the sea during a dream may carry multiple connotations depending on the dreamer’s condition and circumstances. Whoever sees himself drowning and is unable to swim, this may be an indication of his indulgence in sin and the accumulation of sins around him. However, if the man feels fear of death by drowning in the dream, but in the end he survives, then this dream may represent good news that the person will return to the right path, abandon the path of error and sins, and move towards repentance.

On the other hand, if the person who is drowning in his dream is sick in reality, the vision may mean that this person will die as a result of the same disease from which he suffers. If someone is seen drowning and follows a religion other than Islam, this may be considered an indication that he may convert to the Islamic religion in the future.

Sinking boat and surviving it in a dream

The different interpretations of seeing a ship sinking and surviving it in a dream have various connotations. From an optimistic point of view, this vision may be seen as a positive sign. Specifically, when an individual witnesses in his dream that he was able to survive a risky situation such as drowning. This dream may be an indication of overcoming difficulties and reaching safety and stability in the dreamer’s life.

For a married woman, seeing a ship sinking in a dream could be a warning message regarding lack of interest or neglect in some aspects of her life. This is interpreted as a reminder of the importance of caution and attention to avoid potential problems.

As for a single girl, seeing a sinking boat may indicate that she is going through a period of challenges or crises. However, surviving such a complex could suggest that this difficult period is about to be overcome and a new stage filled with hope will be entered.

Drowning child and saving him in a dream

Seeing a child drowning in a dream and saving him has many meanings and dimensions that vary depending on the people in the dream and the nature of their relationship with the dreamer. If the dreamer himself is the one saving the child, this vision can be interpreted as representing his continuous and dedicated efforts to achieve his goals and dreams, and reflecting his willingness to overcome obstacles, no matter how difficult they are. Drowning here symbolizes falling into the trap of being preoccupied with the trappings of the world, but being rescued indicates the ability to rise up and return to the correct path of life through repentance and reform.

If the dreamer was just a spectator of the rescue operation, this may indicate that he finally overcame the period of despair and stagnation that he experienced, and regained his vitality and optimism for the future.

On the other hand, when the rescued child is known to the dreamer or is related to him, the dream may symbolize reconciliation between the dreamer and a person dear to him who had been separated due to a misunderstanding or dispute, or the revival of an old intimate relationship that had almost disappeared.

In all cases, seeing rescue from drowning in a dream carries good news of hope, renewal, and the ability to challenge and face difficulties with courage, calling on the dreamer to strengthen his self-confidence and restore his spiritual and emotional balance.

A sinking car in a dream for a single woman

Seeing a sinking car in a dream may carry multiple meanings related to the psychological and social reality of the dreamer. This vision is sometimes considered a representation of the deviations and mistakes that a person makes, indicating the importance of taking one's actions seriously and trying to correct the course by returning to the correct values ​​and undoing actions that may lead him away from the right path.

In the same context, this vision may also express the fear of falling into the trap of obtaining money illegally, which requires thinking deeply about the ways in which one can obtain a livelihood without getting involved in what is forbidden or causing regret.

A sinking car in a dream can also indicate experiences of betrayal and maliciousness that the individual may be exposed to from some people in his circle of relationships, whether within the personal or professional environment. This vision warns against overconfidence and calls for caution and vigilance.

A dream about a sinking car may reflect the feelings of failure and frustration that an individual experiences due to the obstacles and challenges he faces in his life. This type of dream should be considered an invitation to re-evaluate and think about the methods used to confront difficulties, and work to search for new ways to overcome obstacles with confidence and positivity.

Shipwreck in a dream for a married woman

If there are disagreements between you and your husband, a dream about a ship sinking in a dream for a married woman may be a sign of many tensions that exceed the reasonable limit, which may lead to separation - God forbid. This situation can reflect excessive preoccupation with worldly matters of life at the expense of paying attention to higher priorities, as if you find yourself drowning in them. This may also be a sign that you are neglecting some responsibilities towards your children, and may serve as a reminder to hold yourself accountable and pay more attention to their behaviors.

. It can also be understood as a warning about the lack of performance of duties within your marital and family life, and not discharging your responsibilities to the best of your ability. This situation may herald that you will go through difficult periods that carry with them some obstacles and problems.

The husband drowned in the dream

In a married woman's dreams, she may see her husband drowning in the dream, which carries different connotations that reflect aspects of real life. Dreaming that a husband is drowning can sometimes indicate that the husband is so preoccupied with his job tasks that he distances himself from his family’s affairs, leaving his wife to bear the burden of care and responsibility alone.

There is another interpretation related to the financial field, where the husband’s drowning could symbolize his entry into a spiral of successive financial troubles and the accumulation of debts that constitute psychological and material pressure on him and the family. At the same time, this vision may be an invitation to the husband to reconsider his actions and correct his course if he is seen drowning in impure water, which is an indication of transgressions and sins in which the husband may be involved.

On the other hand, if the husband suffers from an illness and appears in his wife’s dream while he is drowning, this may indicate a warning about his health or an early announcement of the deterioration of his health condition. But on the other hand, if the vision comes that the husband is drowning in clear, pure water, it carries positive interpretations related to the improvement of his financial conditions and his success in trade or work, which will bring benefit and happiness to the entire family.

A man drowned in torrents in a dream

If a person sees in his dream that he is facing floods that destroy everything around him, this can be interpreted that he may go through a period full of pressures and dilemmas in the near future. However, if the dream includes swimming and moving easily through torrents, this symbolizes overcoming difficulties and overcoming problems, which foretells the beginning of a new phase of comfort and stability in his life. If a person sees himself fleeing from floods and surviving them, this is an indication of getting rid of fears and escaping from specific situations that cause him anxiety.

The vision turns into a symbol of victory when the dreamer is able to escape the flood, indicating his ability to overcome life's adversities. On the other hand, if the dreamer is the husband and he survived drowning, this may indicate an increase in blessings and livelihood. For a young man who finds himself escaping a flood in a dream, this may express that he has overcome a stage fraught with anxiety and that his life has changed for the better on all levels.

If the dream shows the use of a means of escape, such as a boat or boat, to escape from a flood, then this can be interpreted as a direction towards repentance, returning to the right path, and getting closer to God.

The house was flooded with rain in a dream

The interpretation of a vision of a house being flooded with rain in a dream can carry different meanings depending on the context of the dream and the dreamer’s condition. Sometimes, this vision may indicate negligence in performing religious responsibilities, as water in dreams represents a symbol of purification and purification, but only God knows what is in the souls and in the unseen.

For a married woman who dreams that her house has been flooded with rainwater, this vision may be seen as good news coming her way, knowing that the interpretation of dreams may differ depending on the details of the dream and the circumstances of the dreamer.

On the other hand, if the rainwater in the dream has an unpleasant smell, this may be an indication of potential problems or crises. The dreamer's attention to such details in the dream can be important for understanding the intended message.

Dead father drowned in a dream

The vision of drowning in a dream, especially if the drowning person is the father, may carry multiple connotations and profound meanings that reflect the dreamer’s psychological state and life circumstances. If the father appears drowning in the dream, this can be interpreted as an indication of the great obstacles that the dreamer may face in that period of his life.

It is believed that such dreams may express a sense of anxiety about the financial situation, indicating debt problems that the father may be burdened with. On the other hand, this vision may be considered a warning of the presence of tensions and difficulties that may obstruct the dreamer’s marital life at that time.

In addition, there is an interesting explanation related to a person's social status; For single young men, a dream about a father drowning indicates the possibility of marriage on the horizon. Drowning in this context may symbolize diving into new waters and the new experience that marriage represents.

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