What do you know about the interpretation of a dream about praying according to Ibn Sirin?

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Dreams of Ibn Sirin
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Interpretation of a dream about prayer

Scientists and interpreters have stated that dreaming of prayer carries positive connotations that bring goodness to the dreamer in his worldly and religious affairs. Prayer in a dream indicates several meanings, including success in fulfilling trusts and responsibilities, paying off debts, adhering to religious teachings and performing religious duties.

According to the interpretations of interpreters, the place of prayer in a dream is of great importance. For example, a person who dreams that he is praying in a garden, his dream is considered an indication of his request for forgiveness from God. If the dreamer prays on a farm, it means that he will be able to pay off his debts. Praying while sitting due to an excuse may indicate that the deeds are not accepted, while praying while lying down may indicate illness.

Dreaming about praying heralds good news, as it symbolizes good religiosity and the pursuit of performing acts of worship and adhering to God’s commands. Dreaming about performing sunnah and voluntary prayers can reflect purification of the soul and patience in the face of trials, showing compassion toward others and taking care of family and friends.

Interpretation of a dream about cutting a prayer

Interpretation of a dream about prayer by Ibn Sirin

Ibn Sirin and Sheikh Al-Nabulsi, two of the leading scholars of dream interpretation, give prayer in a dream great importance that comes from its meanings of goodness and piety. Ibn Sirin points out that obligatory prayer reflects a person's commitment to his religious duties and his assumption of responsibilities, which may also reflect on his ability to overcome difficulties and pay off debts. Praying in a dream brings abundant goodness and removes worries, according to his assertion.

As for Sheikh Nabulsi, he believes that prayer, in its various forms, carries positive connotations in religion and the world. The obligatory prayers carry references to performing Hajj rituals or abstaining from sin, the Sunnahs express patience, while voluntary prayers symbolize chivalry. Overall, dreaming about praying is good news for a person as long as it is true and complete.

Seeing group prayer expresses unity of purpose and gathering around a good deed, and if a person sees himself leading people in prayer, this indicates his leadership role in spreading goodness. Friday prayer heralds imminent relief, prayer in a state of fear suggests security, and forgiveness prayer reflects remorse and the desire to erase sins.

The dawn prayer carries meanings of goodness and good news, the noon prayer emphasizes openness in righteousness and obedience, while the afternoon prayer indicates the balance between wealth and poverty. As for the sunset prayer, it indicates the end of a certain stage, and the evening prayer reflects assuming responsibilities and taking care of family relationships.

Interpretation of a dream about prayer for single women

Ibn Sirin considers that seeing prayer in a single woman’s dream carries positive meanings related to success and relief in her life. When she sees in her dream that she is performing the prayer correctly, this can be interpreted that she will overcome her fears or her wishes will come true. Also, the dream of performing prayer symbolizes the possibility of a happy marriage or entry into a beneficial and blessed situation.

Different prayers in a dream have their own meanings for a single woman. The dawn prayer indicates good news that worries will disappear and sorrows will be removed, while seeing the noon prayer reflects clarification of complex matters and perhaps acquittal of some accusations. As for the afternoon prayer, it indicates the great benefit derived from knowledge and thinking. A dream about the Maghrib prayer foretells the approaching end of a certain period, whether for good or evil. Performing the evening prayer symbolizes a successful end to something, God willing.

If a single woman dreams that she is praying with men in a dream, this reflects the possibility that she will meet good people. However, if she sees herself leading men in prayer, it may indicate that she is engaging in unconventional behavior that may lead to controversy or disagreement. Whoever dreams that she is getting engaged on Friday, she may get into a discussion that will cause her harm.

Praying in a direction other than the Qiblah or making a mistake in performing it in a dream carries warning connotations. It may indicate being led by bad friends or being deceived by people. Missing prayer may also symbolize the need to rethink one's behavior and repent.

Interpretation of a dream about prayer for a married woman

When a married woman dreams that she is performing prayer, this can be considered a sign of stability in her life and her direction towards making sound decisions that support her success. If she is praying and praying in her dream, this may indicate that goodness will soon be achieved in her life, such as the occurrence of pregnancy despite previous challenges. However, if she sees in a dream that she is not completing her prayer, this may reflect the presence of challenges in her life, which are expected to disappear soon.

On the other hand, a dream in which a married woman leads men in prayer may have a negative interpretation related to the imminent occurrence of an undesirable event. But if she leads men, this may be interpreted as her doing something wrong.

Interpretation of a dream about praying for a pregnant woman

It is mentioned in the interpretation of dreams that when a pregnant woman sees herself in a dream praying, praying to God, and reciting verses of the Holy Qur’an, this indicates that the upcoming baby carries with it a bright future that may manifest itself in him being a scholar with refined thought as he matures.

On the other hand, if a pregnant woman sees that she is performing prayer in her dream and urges others to participate in it, this reflects her extreme keenness to carry out her maternal duty in the best possible way, which indicates that she is raising her son or daughter on stable and praiseworthy values ​​and principles.

Interpretation of a dream about prayer for a divorced woman

For a divorced woman who sees herself performing prayer in a dream, this vision may carry deep meanings related to positive transformations in her life. This dream may be interpreted as a message that carries good news that she will witness an expansion in livelihood and a tangible improvement in her personal conditions. This connotation indicates an imminent breakthrough in her circumstances that will enable her to overcome the difficulties and crises she previously faced.

Dreaming about performing prayer for a divorced woman may also reflect optimism for the future and obtaining the blessings she seeks, which will lead to achieving her goals and raising her life to a better level. From another angle, the vision of prayer can be interpreted as an indication that she will be able to recover and overcome previous hardships, and start a new page full of stability and tranquility.

Interpretation of a dream about praying for a man

Ibn Sirin, a dream interpretation expert, provides expressive insights into the meanings of prayer in the dreams of married men. A dream about performing prayer for a married man symbolizes a harbinger of quick relief and getting rid of the problems he faces. If the prayer is related to the obligatory prayers, it indicates his commitment to his family and family.

If one sees performing voluntary voluntary prayers in a dream, this heralds obtaining money or the provision of male children, citing the Qur’anic verse that talks about granting the prophets Isaac and Jacob.

Seeing someone praying while drunk has a negative meaning, as it means giving false testimony. While dreaming of praying while a person is in a state of ritual impurity indicates corruption in religion. If he sees that he is praying facing east or west instead of towards the Qiblah, this expresses a deviation from religion or a violation of Islamic law. Whoever sees in his dream that he is praying facing the opposite direction of the Qiblah, this expresses disgraceful behavior towards his wife or the search for relationships outside marriage.

On the contrary, praying directed towards the Kaaba indicates the correctness of the religion and a good relationship with the wife. Performing prayers on time reflects commitment to duties. If a man dreams that he is praying sitting while others are praying standing, this is an indication of negligence in some matters for which he is responsible. Seeing the performance of prayer for someone who does not pray while awake is an invitation to repent and return to the straight path. Finally, dreaming of praying and reciting the Tashahhud heralds the disappearance of worry and distress.

Seeing that I am praying the dawn prayer

Ibn Sirin considers that a dream about performing the obligatory dawn prayer symbolizes that the dreamer will begin to improve his living conditions and arrange his family’s affairs. Performing the dawn prayer on time indicates honesty and advice to others, while delaying it indicates wasting promises.

Missing the dawn prayer in a dream means delay in work and endeavors, and deliberately ignoring it shows indifference to religion and worship. Al-Nabulsi believes that a dream about dawn prayer foretells an upcoming important event, whether good or evil, and may be an indication of an oath that the dreamer will swear. As for praying facing the Qiblah, it expresses the person’s integrity in his religion, while praying facing other than the Qiblah indicates following bad behaviour.

Ibn Shaheen links seeing the dawn prayer to livelihood and earning lawful money, provided that it is performed on time, and its completion means an increase in wealth. Failure to conclude the dawn prayer reflects negligence in resource management. Performing the dawn prayer in the street indicates abandonment of repentance, while on cultivated land indicates repayment of debts. Dreaming about performing prayer in an inappropriate place, such as a bathroom, warns of committing actions that negatively affect religion.

Seeing the interruption of prayer in a dream

Seeing prayer stopping in a dream expresses that a person faces a set of major challenges and obstacles that stand in the way of achieving his desired goals and ambitions. This situation may lead him to feel deep frustration and loss of hope.

On the other hand, if an individual witnesses in his dream an event that prompts him to cut off his prayers, this indicates the approach of a series of difficult and painful situations that may negatively affect his field of work and daily life, which requires him to be patient and calm to overcome them.

Seeing the interruption of prayer in a dream can also be interpreted as a warning to an individual that he may be involved in morally unacceptable behavior, such as backbiting or gossiping without justification, which requires him to reconsider his actions and correct his behavior to avoid more severe punishment that he may face.

Seeing waiting for the evening prayer in a dream

Ibn Sirin interprets the vision of the evening prayer in a dream as an indication of serenity and tranquility in dealing with the family and bringing joy to their hearts. This vision can also reflect completion and the end of life. If the evening prayer is seen in congregation, it indicates good deeds and good morals. Symbolically, the evening prayer is associated with relief from hardship and tidings of the end of crises.

Al-Nabulsi sees the vision of the evening prayer as preparation for travel, marriage, or major changes in life. This vision may also indicate problems with eyesight or an extension of life. Seeing a poor performance of the evening prayer may express bad faith and deception.

Ibn Shaheen considers the vision of the evening prayer a sign of joy and good treatment of relatives. The voluntary night prayer carries the promise of a blessed livelihood and indicates familiarity between souls searching for guidance. Spending the night in prayer heralds goodness in this life and the hereafter.

Praying on an animal or incorrectly expresses fear and fatigue or revealing secrets. Inability to complete the evening prayer may herald a postponement in marriage or travel. Of course, interpretations of dreams remain subject to interpretation, and knowledge is for God alone.

Seeing people leading the prayer in a dream

If a person sees in his dream that he is leading the worshipers without being an imam in reality, this indicates that he will occupy a prominent position and will gain people’s obedience to him. Whoever sees in his dream that he is leading people in prayer, facing the Qiblah, with a complete prayer, this indicates his justice and fairness in his leadership. However, if the prayers of those praying behind him in his dream were incomplete or excessive, this reflects transgression and injustice in his leadership, which leads to him feeling anxious and sad.

If a person sees himself leading people while standing while the worshipers are sitting, this expresses that he is not neglecting his responsibilities towards others, but he may neglect himself. This vision may also indicate his dedication to serving the weak and sick. If in the dream he is praying and the worshipers are standing while he is sitting, this indicates negligence in one of the positions he assumes.

If a person sees himself leading people while sitting, as well as the worshipers, this expresses his confrontation with debts and thorny problems. Seeing a person praying with women in a dream indicates that he bears responsibility for people in a weak position. However, if he sees himself praying while lying on the bed and wearing white clothes without reciting or reciting the takbeer, this indicates the possibility of his death. If a woman sees in her dream that she is leading men, this vision suggests the same fate.

Seeing ablution and prayer in the mosque

Seeing ablution in dreams is a topic of great importance in dream interpretations, as it indicates a variety of meanings and connotations. Ablution in dreams is generally seen as a symbol of goodness and optimism, as it indicates spiritual and physical purity, and is considered a sign of relief and freedom from worries and difficulties.

According to interpreters, complete and correct ablution in a dream is an indication of the completion of endeavors and the successful achievement of goals. This vision expresses the dreamer's ability to face challenges with patience and integrity. On the other hand, if a person sees in his dream that he is performing ablution incorrectly or using materials that are not valid for legitimate ablution, this may indicate anxiety and confusion in the dreamer’s life or indicate his lack of honesty and sincerity in his actions.

Some commentators believe that performing ablution with substances other than water, such as milk or honey, could be evidence of debts or material losses. On the other hand, it is believed that performing ablution with a group of people may symbolize recovering lost items or obtaining the support of others in times of need.

Ablution is also interpreted in some contexts as a sign of repentance and a return to the straight path, especially if the ablution is seen using sea or river water. These visions stress the need for patience and perseverance in the face of spiritual and material challenges.

Seeing the dead performing prayer in a dream

The vision of a dead person performing prayer in a dream carries positive and promising meanings related to his high status with God Almighty. If this deceased person was part of your family, this causes a feeling of comfort and happiness, not sadness, as this indicates that he enjoyed an honorable position in the hands of the Creator, Glory be to Him, in reward for the good deeds and sincere worship he performed during his life. Watching the deceased praying in your dream may also express the intense affection you have for this person and your constant thinking about him.

Seeing a dead person asks the person to pray

A person seeing a dead person in his dream asking him to perform prayer is an important indicator that can carry multiple meanings that vary depending on the dreamer’s condition. For example, if a married woman sees this dream, it may be seen as a sign of the coming of goodness and livelihood that will flood her life.

As for a single girl who finds in her dream a dead person asking for prayer, this may be interpreted as an indication of the coming of goodness and blessings in her life. On the other hand, when the dreamer is a married man, the vision may be an invitation to him to reflect on the value of giving, charity, and praying for the dead. It also indicates the meanings of spiritual transparency and purification.

Seeing prayer in the Grand Mosque in Mecca in a dream for a single woman

In dream interpretation, the vision of praying in the Grand Mosque in Mecca for a single girl carries positive meanings that indicate success and goodness to come in various aspects of her life, whether on the practical or emotional level.

When a girl dreams that she is performing the Tawaf around the Kaaba and is in the company of a man, this may indicate that she is getting engaged to a person with distinctive qualities. On the other hand, if she sees in her dream that she is in the Grand Mosque in Mecca and she passes away at the time of prayer without performing it, this may reflect her distance from practicing religious rituals and her preoccupation with worldly matters.

The dream in which a single woman appears praying in the sanctuary without covering her hair also carries a meaning that indicates negative behavior and straying from the straight path. While her vision of herself praying inside the Holy Kaaba alone indicates the presence of people trying to harm her, the significance here expands to include the presence of backbiting and gossip in her life.

As for the dream in which a single woman performs the dawn prayer in the Grand Mosque, this sends a positive message about a life full of blessings and goodness, stressing the importance of commitment to worship. These interpretations open a window for the girl to a deeper understanding of the messages hidden in her dreams and encourage her to reflect on her spiritual and worldly path.

Seeing prayer in the mihrab of the Prophet’s Mosque

When seeing the Prophet’s Mosque in a dream, this is considered a positive sign of the dreamer’s commitment to the teachings of his religion and his following the Sunnahs of the Prophet. Entering the Prophet’s Mosque indicates obtaining a high status and great respect among people. Standing in front of the mosque reflects a person’s desire to seek forgiveness and purification from sins.

Visiting this holy place in a dream heralds getting closer to God Almighty through good deeds, while walking inside the mosque symbolizes ambition to achieve knowledge and guidance. The appearance of the Prophet’s Mosque in a dream in general is good news and indicates the end of a life filled with blessings.

For a dream about the Imam of the Prophet’s Mosque, it is a symbol of a person of high status and great respect. On the other hand, the collapse of the Prophet’s Mosque in a dream is a warning against turning away from religion, and seeing the mosque abandoned portends the occurrence of great strife. If the mosque is full of people, this indicates the Hajj season. If it includes worshipers, it may indicate an ordeal that can be overcome with prayer.

Cleaning the Prophet’s Mosque in a dream highlights sincerity, obedience, and sincere faith. Seeing sabotage in it indicates attempts to spread corruption. While mosque repair refers to reform and renewal efforts within society.

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